For the Atheists

VICAR One of the things I enjoy most in life is debating with atheists. There are many more atheists around these days than when I was a young man. Or, perhaps, after the public announcements of Richard Dawkins and that masterful theologian Ricky Gervais, people are just more confident about publicly stating their atheist beliefs (or should I say non-beliefs). There’s a story I relate … Continue reading For the Atheists

The Kingdom of God is Within Man

VICAR Good day to you, Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine. The beauty of this magazine is that I am allowed to go off piste. And today I am really going off piste. On a black run no less. We generally live in choppier times than when we were living in the latter years of the last century. Since then, technology, terrorism, 9/11, economic turbulence and … Continue reading The Kingdom of God is Within Man