The List of Clever Opinions


Noticing certain things and pointing them out is now a dangerous business. Stereotypes are in fact little more than recognised patterns, but to utter one is to invite the ruin of your life.

It is a crime in Britain to publish the dictionary definition of “woman” on a billboard in Liverpool because it is deemed to be derisory to men who dress as women.

There are certain views which indicate a kind of Plimsoll line on the ship of state, each marking how low in the brine we currently sit, and how soon we can expect to meet the crabs. The high-water mark is of course the kind of atheism that won’t go one God further.

Here is a brief list:

1. Mockery of Christianity

2. Respect for Islam as a religion of peace and enlightenment (where practised in moderation)

3. Diversity

4. Open borders

5. Love is love! Deal with it, bigots!

6. Ridicule of the obvious and endless logic chopping to refute it

7. Race is a social construct (tell that to organ donors)

8. Nihilistic moralising

9. Words are violence

10. Deracination is good – for you – and not for the other

The real meaning of the modern savage is nothing.

There is nothing to believe in.

There is nothing that is morally better than anything else.

No way of life is superior- there is only preference. There are no facts, only points of view. Meaning is something we invent.

Already there are people who seem to speak in tweets, and the phenomenon of the bore who talks always as if being interviewed on television is widespread.

This kind of talk is easy to reproduce endlessly. It does not prevent a curious form of moralising – nihilistic moralising – which preaches the prohibition of judgement about any form of deviant or destructive behaviour from the point of view that everything is equally arbitrary.

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

The acme of our values is the barbarism of appetite. These decent Godless people are savages, knowing no higher good than their gratification. Theirs is a world of modern superstitions, a litany of grand sounding alibis for a mad cult of the self, where every argument is a defence against the obvious.

The purely rational world they claim to desire would resemble an asylum full of psychic amputees. It is a mark of extreme individualism that it appeals most to those with no sense of the Divine. It is a consolation which destroys, a righteous living suicide.

Hell is not other people. It is the prison of the Self.

To cut yourself off from your past, your culture, your heritage, your race and religion and all the meaning that you might otherwise inherit is to isolate yourself in yourself. Since you, as a good modern caveman, believe even yourself to be a social construct, there is nothing behind your eyes other than a void to be filled with distraction.

Frank Wright has emigrated to England from London. You can read more of his one star reviews of reality on SubStack.