The Cosmopolitan Choke Part III

BY LEE BEING (Part I of Lee’s escape from London to the countryside can be found here.  Part II is here) Everyone is so damn ANGRY over EVERYTHING in London. Because EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL (postmodernism – the prevalent school of thought in the capital).  You can’t voice anything you oppose without taking a deep breath because it’s a hotbed of angry and reactionary, skinless wonders. That, dear reader, … Continue reading The Cosmopolitan Choke Part III

The Cosmopolitan Choke Part II

BY LEE BEING Part I of Lee’s escape from London to the countryside can be found here.  The backlash was almost instantaneous. Accusations of being ‘Middle England’s Bitch’, and even getting accused of being ‘platformed’ for my views. Gosh. How awful. Freedom of speech (as long as it conforms to whichever one remains dominant to – whichever creed you engage with) ubiquitous. This person was angry. He was ‘triggered’ in common … Continue reading The Cosmopolitan Choke Part II

Identity Politics is Bollocks

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I attended a meeting the other day at which a very wrong yet erudite man was present. When he spoke, I personally enjoyed the beautiful words tumbling from his lips and the obvious depth of his thinking. With the various literary references embedded in his arguments I was happily reminded of books I had long forgotten. I walked away from that meeting … Continue reading Identity Politics is Bollocks

Labour’s Terminal Antisemitism

BY JOHN ISMAEL News that Jeremy Corbyn will sit down with Jewish Leaders makes me chuckle. I can imagine some of those leaders who show up will make the Labour Leader squirm and simply make an appearance to make him feel that bit more uncomfortable and awkward. Everyone knows Labour’s (let us stick with this word even though the Labour Party used to be nothing … Continue reading Labour’s Terminal Antisemitism

Mr Royal Warrant

BY AMANDA CUMMINS My mama used to buy me clothes, which were presented with a shrugged shoulder and a muttered “you won’t like it”. On occasion, she was absolutely right: some quite dreadful garment would be unveiled. I’d smile with barely disguised horror. “It” would be worn once and then be consigned to the Really Awful Things Never To Be Worn Again section of the … Continue reading Mr Royal Warrant