Untie the Hands of SIS

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN I usually, for obvious reasons, carefully edit my articles on Country Squire Magazine. I haven’t with this one and I couldn’t care less. The evening had no business being so beautiful. With a warm May sun still high in the clear blue sky, the walk along the stony hillside path should have been lovely. It wasn’t. Bounding through the clover and dandelions, … Continue reading Untie the Hands of SIS

Plan Montserrat

EL CID We have a choice. It’s binary. Either we appease extremist Islamism or we fight it. There is no middle way, no Quilliam-style reformed Islam (none of the Muslims are buying their chatter and the non-Muslims don’t trust it), there’s no foolproof deradicalisation strategy that can save us and – non-negotiable – there shall be no more of our kids’ lives prematurely ended by Islamist … Continue reading Plan Montserrat

Earning A Crust in Cornwall

BY MANDY BALDWIN I was standing on a cliff-top in Bude, dressed in nothing but a silver skirt and flip-flops, only a set of bongo-drums between myself and indecency.  The previous night, I’d murdered a man in a jealous frenzy while travelling on a steam-train across Bodmin Moor. As an ice-cream van careered across the cliff, chimes playing ‘Greensleeves’, and I joined six other half-naked … Continue reading Earning A Crust in Cornwall

Children Should Not Vote

BY MANDY BALDWIN So, a general election has been called and immediately come the cries from fringe parties – notably the Greens and Lib Dems – for voting to be extended to sixteen-year-olds. They seem not to realise that by calling for those who are still legally children to be granted the most solemn honour a democracy can bestow, they automatically brand themselves as being … Continue reading Children Should Not Vote

Hooligans Embarrass Us All

BY JIM BROWNE On the eleventh of April, yet again some of Britain’s football fans went abroad and disgraced the nation. This time they staged a mass brawl, attacked beggars in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor and were filmed chanting “You Spanish b******s, Gibraltar is ours.” In mitigation, Spanish riot police are notorious hotheads and know full well that they can claim personal compensation from fans who … Continue reading Hooligans Embarrass Us All

Stockholm: Same Old Script

BY SAM WHITE Don’t bother turning off the lights on the Eiffel Tower, or turning on the lights on the Brandenburg Gate, or lighting a candle and photographing it poignantly. After the Islamist atrocity in Stockholm last week, does anybody still care about these overly familiar, increasingly mechanical routines? It looks like theatre now. Like a jaded actor sadly going through the motions. Projecting his … Continue reading Stockholm: Same Old Script

The Common Sense of Kindness

BY MANDY BALDWIN A long time ago, I began an Open University degree and was allocated to do a Social Sciences foundation course. For everything, the writers claimed, there is “…a common-sense explanation and a social sciences explanation.” As the course progressed, I was flabbergasted to learn that Common Sense solutions were always to be rejected in favour of answers derived from Social Sciences. This … Continue reading The Common Sense of Kindness