Rest in Peace, Schneider

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I’ve always been of the mind that dogs are angels with tails. On Tuesday one such angel – which gutless humans maltreated and turned into a biter – was put to sleep beside me on a vet’s surgery stone floor. Across Britain an army of volunteers care for badly treated dogs and other animals. They are unsung heroes. Often their selflessness is … Continue reading Rest in Peace, Schneider

Passchendaele Lessons Unheeded

BY MANDY BALDWIN The soldier made of Flanders mud, placed in Trafalgar Square to commemorate Passchendaele is, in my opinion, the most poignant work of war-art ever made. Watch him melt, destroyed by the weather of another wet summer, and to understand the 3rd Battle of Ypres, you hardly need Siegfried Sassoon’s chilling words: “I died in Hell.  They called it Passchendaele.” The First World … Continue reading Passchendaele Lessons Unheeded

A Narrow Escape

BY LAURENCE FITZGERALD “I’ve had an epiphany,” said Blondie after one of her nights out, “It all makes sense now.”  This isn’t unusual after a night of heavy drinking, I’m sure you’ll agree – it’s that intoxicating mix of lack of sleep, still being pissed and the fractured carousel like recall of the previous evening – a merry-go-round of sticky table tops, streetlights and cackling … Continue reading A Narrow Escape

The Squall

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN There’s a ferry from Manila to Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao which takes a day and a half. On board, it’s mostly a pretty friendly vessel. Kids from Mindanaoan families mix quite happily with kids from Luzon. Adults queue at the restaurant kiosk and chat amongst themselves. Smokers congregate on deck and lend a tale and a light, while holiday-making students sip … Continue reading The Squall