Licence to Offend

BY FRANK HAVILAND ‘The name’s Bond, James Bond’ are among the most iconic cinematic words ever uttered. The moment you hear them, you are instantly transported back to Sean Connery’s first outing as 007 in ‘Dr. No’. No matter how much rebranding he goes through, Bond is inseparable from that image. Even those such as myself who didn’t grow up with Sean, will tell you … Continue reading Licence to Offend

Salisbury Response Unsatisfactory

BY JAMIE FOSTER The attack by two Russian GRU agents on the Skripals was ‘more Johnny English than James Bond’ according to security minister Ben Wallace. He told LBC’s Nick Ferrari in a colourful interview that “they were sent as soldiers to do a mission and they failed in that mission.” He went on to say “I wouldn’t want to work for or with the … Continue reading Salisbury Response Unsatisfactory

Moody’s Thoughts: Star Wars

BY ANDREW MOODY In our current bipolar political climate, I believe there are two types of people. Firstly, those who loved Rian Johnson’s 8th instalment of the Star Wars franchise The Last Jedi (soon to be released on Netflix), and those sane people who believe that the Star Wars franchise must, for its own sake, end now. Taxi Driver screenwriter Paul Schrader once lamented, “Star … Continue reading Moody’s Thoughts: Star Wars

The Cosmopolitan Choke Part III

BY LEE BEING (Part I of Lee’s escape from London to the countryside can be found here.  Part II is here) Everyone is so damn ANGRY over EVERYTHING in London. Because EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL (postmodernism – the prevalent school of thought in the capital).  You can’t voice anything you oppose without taking a deep breath because it’s a hotbed of angry and reactionary, skinless wonders. That, dear reader, … Continue reading The Cosmopolitan Choke Part III

The Cosmopolitan Choke Part II

BY LEE BEING Part I of Lee’s escape from London to the countryside can be found here.  The backlash was almost instantaneous. Accusations of being ‘Middle England’s Bitch’, and even getting accused of being ‘platformed’ for my views. Gosh. How awful. Freedom of speech (as long as it conforms to whichever one remains dominant to – whichever creed you engage with) ubiquitous. This person was angry. He was ‘triggered’ in common … Continue reading The Cosmopolitan Choke Part II