Mad Vlad & the 5G Nanobots

BY STEWART SLATER It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Ukrainian War is a NATO provocation designed to provide the justification for an invasion of Russia, a hold-out against the plan of Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum to deploy 5G nanobots in Western Covid vaccines, eliminating a large proportion of the world’s population and bringing about the “Great Reset”. OK, perhaps “universally … Continue reading Mad Vlad & the 5G Nanobots

View from Outside Afghanistan

As US and British troops withdraw from Afghanistan, it is well worth reading this analysis dating back to Sep 2009 – offered as advice to British officers in theatre. The author is a former British SAS officer with long experience of terrorist and insurgency operations. It is difficult to find even well-informed people who can explain why NATO is fighting in Afghanistan, and this leaves … Continue reading View from Outside Afghanistan