Genocide or Just War?

BY JONATHAN LEVITT The word ‘genocide’ is loaded with emotional and political impact and needs to be used very carefully. The dictionary gives: ‘The deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.’ Which, of course, does not define ‘large’ and does not determine what is ‘deliberate’ and what is not. I would say … Continue reading Genocide or Just War?


BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Last night, as every night of late, I sat in my chair in the summer room, poring over papers, analyses and tweets. I find the requisite silence there in that place. There are no disturbances save the occasional hoot from an owl. The cantilever floor lamp shines only on my work, so the rest of the room seems packed with darkness. The … Continue reading Her

Mad Vlad & the 5G Nanobots

BY STEWART SLATER It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Ukrainian War is a NATO provocation designed to provide the justification for an invasion of Russia, a hold-out against the plan of Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum to deploy 5G nanobots in Western Covid vaccines, eliminating a large proportion of the world’s population and bringing about the “Great Reset”. OK, perhaps “universally … Continue reading Mad Vlad & the 5G Nanobots

View from Outside Afghanistan

As US and British troops withdraw from Afghanistan, it is well worth reading this analysis dating back to Sep 2009 – offered as advice to British officers in theatre. The author is a former British SAS officer with long experience of terrorist and insurgency operations. It is difficult to find even well-informed people who can explain why NATO is fighting in Afghanistan, and this leaves … Continue reading View from Outside Afghanistan