The Common Sense Vaccine

BY ALEX STORY Sajid Javid, Health Secretary, said during a Downing Street Press Conference last week: “We must learn to live with Covid in the same way we live with flu” The vaccine of common sense was thus injected into England’s veins. In so doing the country stepped out of the COVID tsunami and climbed to sunnier and clearer peaks. With the skies ahead clear … Continue reading The Common Sense Vaccine

Your MP is a Delinquent

THE CITY GRUMP The dictionary defines a delinquent as someone who “is failing in or neglectful of a duty or obligation”. The conduct of your MP in 2021 almost certainly fits that bill. Why? Because on just about every  single important domestic issue, be it Covid, the NHS, energy, inflation or education your MP has done the square root of nothing in holding the Government to … Continue reading Your MP is a Delinquent

Saving the Planet One Mask at a Time

BY BERNADETTE SPOFFORTH Nothing has brought out the worst piousness and virtue signalling in certain sections of society like Covid. These latter-day self-styled saints have shown their do-goodery by wearing their sacrifice like a hair shirt, wilfully oblivious to the collateral damages of Covid restrictions, lockdowns and shifting human behavioural patterns. As COP26 gathers together to decide for civilisation how society will change, the huge … Continue reading Saving the Planet One Mask at a Time

Casting Hume into the Flames

BY EFFIE DEANS How does civilisation begin? It begins with agriculture. Prior to the development of agriculture all we have is hunter gatherers in small bands living from moment to moment intent only on the bare necessities of life such as obtaining food and shelter. What enabled the transition to agriculture? It was the division of labour. In order for people to settle down and … Continue reading Casting Hume into the Flames

Minimum Wage’s Mobility Roadblock

BY RONAN MAHER Is the minimum wage driving black youth unemployment and contributing to the knife crime epidemic?  The UK economy shrank 20.4 percent in the second quarter of 2020, its largest fall on record, making tragically plausible the claims that we could get mass unemployment on a scale unseen since the Great Depression of the 1930s. I fear immense hardship is hurtling down the … Continue reading Minimum Wage’s Mobility Roadblock

The Sunak Handouts

THE CITY GRUMP The mainstream media seem to have fallen hook line and sinker for our photogenic Chancellor’s July 8th handouts. Headlines like “Come dine with me” and “Rishi Dishy” are everywhere, while the FT’s normally sensible Deputy Editor, Robert Shrimsley, declares “Mr Sunak presented a substantial and imaginative statement”. No he didn’t, it is all flash and no substance. Where to start? Okay let’s … Continue reading The Sunak Handouts

Defending Capitalism Against Ourselves

BY BEN IRVINE “Riverside indigenous peoples don’t conceive of their river as something which flows, but simply as a place. Flow is a concept exclusive to our capitalist preoccupation with systems, transportation and exchange”. I heard this statement uttered by a participant in a recent seminar, in which the main speaker had likewise regaled us with postmodern musings about life beside the water in South … Continue reading Defending Capitalism Against Ourselves