The SNP, Hitler & the IRA


Any damage that the Conservative Party or the Liberal Democrats can do to the awful SNP in Scotland will be most welcome. There are several seats which could change hands in Scotland at the upcoming General Election, including the seat of Moray held by Angus Robertson, the SNP deputy leader. If, as polls currently predict, the SNP loses nine seats then Nicola Sturgeon’s upward trajectory will be well and truly stymied; leading eventually to her resignation if indyref2 happens, likely by 2020.

Voters should take a step back and take a good look at what the SNP really is, aside from its poor record of government in Scotland and its independence misdirection.

The SNP, when you boil it down, is basically Sinn Fein with cybernats instead of IRA paramilitaries:

This is the party whose leader (from 1961-1969), Arthur Donaldson, had plotted to set up a puppet Nazi government in Scotland during the Second World War. A senior MI5 officer believed Donaldson was planning to follow the lead of Vidkun Quisling, who led a Nazi puppet government in Norway.

“The government would leave the country and England’s position would be absolutely hopeless, as poverty and famine would be their only reward for declaring war on Germany. Scotland, on the other hand, has great possibilities,” Mr Donaldson was recorded as saying.

The SNP deny Nazi-sympathising origins. But the evidence is against them. British code breakers intercepted communications between the head of the German legation in Valera’s Nazi-friendly Dublin and his superiors in Berlin which contained within them a memorandum, received on August 15, 1943, from a group known as the Scottish Independent Movement. The memo included proposals for a German Scottish alliance “as a weapon in the fight against the gross materialism of the capitalistic-communistic union of English, Americans, Bolsheviks etc”.

Donaldson was arrested and interned in May 1941 under Defence Regulation 18B, sent first to Kilmarnock Prison and then to Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow. He was not the only Scottish Nationalist deemed dangerous to Britain’s defence in World War II – Gavin Bowd’s Fascist Scotland is well worth a read and details other arrests and Nazi-sympathising SNP links.

To give him some credit, George Galloway – a Marmite politician if ever there was one – has been excellent at exposing the false arguments of the SNP and Scottish Independence. He points out how, even when the enemy is at the gates, the SNP are always happy to negotiate with them – something Nicola Sturgeon’s meetings with Guy Verhofstadt immediately after the Euro Referendum spark memories of. Galloway points out the utter nonsense of the SNP’s positions based on a hatred for England which does not have any right to exist.

The SNP were Nazi sympathisers and, like Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, also have a sordid history of sympathising with the IRA:

The 79 Group was a faction within the Scottish National Party whose aim was to create a Scottish socialist republic, The Group, named after its year of formation, 1979, had a tiny membership yet became so unruly that it was expelled from the SNP in 1982, although its members were subsequently readmitted and many attained senior positions in the Scottish Government after 2007. Former First Minister Alex Salmond (2007-2014) was the leading member of the group. Early in 1982, Sinn Féin were so impressed with them they wrote inviting a 79 Group speaker to its ardfheis (conference) at a time when the IRA’s violence was ongoing and at its worst.


The SNP has not changed in rewarding the IRA sympathisers within its ranks:

As recently as January this year, Glasgow Shettleston MSP John Mason was condemned in Northern Ireland for remarks, made on Twitter, after he was asked and refused to support a campaign to bring IRA murderers to justice. The three victims were shot by the IRA whilst serving in Northern Ireland with the Royal Highland Fusiliers in 1971. Mason eventually apologised but by then his views had been exposed. He kept his SNP role.

In February, an aide to an SNP MSP who received a warning for posting pro-IRA messages on social media passed SNP vetting to be a council candidate. Allan Casey, who wrote “Up the Provos” and praised former IRA members, was deemed “eligible to seek selection” for the SNP. Casey praised the IRA and Sinn Féin on Facebook and glorified IRA terrorists whilst describing the soldiers who killed two IRA terrorists “undercover SAS scum”. In another post, he wrote “f*** the Brits, remember bloody Sunday”.

The SNP make no secret of their dislike of the English or British but selecting an IRA terrorist sympathiser as an election candidate is a new low.

Poor Scotland.

The SNP have been associated with IRA support and Nazi sympathising. This editorial has not even mentioned their Muslim brotherhood links or Russian affiliations.

Scotland deserves so much better. Many Scots may dislike Thatcher’s Tories, laugh alongside us English at Lib Dem sex scandals and their disdain for democracy, and agree with us English that barmy Red Labour are an unelectable rabble hurtling towards extinction, but do not do yourself the disservice of voting for these at-all-cost, Britain-hating, opportunist SNP’ers. You’re better than that.