Recovering Rochdale

CSM EDITORIAL Rochdale was a once a very proud town. It became a centre of the North’s woollen trade. By the early 18th century it was described as being remarkable for its many wealthy merchants. In the 19th century it became a mill town and centre for textile manufacture and was a leading town in the Industrial Revolution. The aristocrat and poet George Gordon Byron was Lord Byron of Rochdale. However, mention … Continue reading Recovering Rochdale

Hamas & the Hunt Sabs

CSM EDITORIAL There was a time, in the bad old days of ALF, when animal rights terrorists were considered the second greatest terror threat to the UK behind the IRA. While various Islamist groups have overtaken them now, animal rights terrorism still abounds, carried out by a small but active crew of extremist cadres who still resort to violence to pursue their political aims. The … Continue reading Hamas & the Hunt Sabs

All Eyes on Hampshire Constabulary

CSM EDITORIAL The Squires’ experience of dealing with Hampshire Police over Chris Packham matters during the last couple of years left us feeling – rightly or wrongly – that the organisation was a clueless chumocracy. Hopefully there are others who have had better experiences. And at least there’s a new Chief Constable, Scott Chilton, at the helm these days. Either which way, the Countryside now … Continue reading All Eyes on Hampshire Constabulary

Stopgap Starmer

CSM EDITORIAL The Daily Telegraph’s Allister Heath did not hold back in his column on Wednesday: Welcome to anti-democratic Britain, where the beleaguered majority is increasingly subject to the whims of an entitled, activist elite that often seems to despise the people over which it exercises so much power….” Meanwhile an Ipsos survey for London’s Evening Standard found that 76 per cent think Britain as … Continue reading Stopgap Starmer

‘Tank Chasers’ Leigh Day Frequent Hoare’s

CSM EDITORIAL An anti-discrimination law that would prevent banks from blocking accounts over customers’ political views is to be tabled by Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg. The former business secretary is proposing an amendment to the Digital Markets Bill to prevent banks from apparently blacklisting customers who hold ‘controversial’ views. The issue came to the fore recently when Nigel Farage complained about having his account closed at … Continue reading ‘Tank Chasers’ Leigh Day Frequent Hoare’s

The Tragedy of Feelings Over Facts

CSM EDITORIAL The 2015 ban in Mexico on wild animals in circuses was urged by animal rights activists who declared that circuses were all places of animal exploitation and therefore cruel. Many in Mexico agreed with them without examining the issue in any detail. The Mexican Government enacted a ban, giving the circuses up to a year to find alternative homes for their animals, including … Continue reading The Tragedy of Feelings Over Facts

The Wildlife Charities Scamming Millions

CSM EDITORIAL The great rescue and relocation swindle: how wildlife charities steal animals and exploit them for cash Are wildlife charities lying to donors and exploiting the animals they claim to be saving? That seems to be the gist of an article on Fieldsports Channel, which has catalogued lies told by animal activists, rescue centres and the media to try to justify confiscating lions and … Continue reading The Wildlife Charities Scamming Millions

Country Squire Print Edition

CSM EDITORIAL Finally, it’s here! You’ve been asking us for a while to produce this. We were delayed by Covid and then by a certain court case in getting a print copy out to you, Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine. Now we have agreed with our publishers to supply a quarterly publication – a 50-page glossy smorgasbord of content – which we are now … Continue reading Country Squire Print Edition

Wild Justice – Lightweight & Vile

CSM EDITORIAL A member of the Great British Public recently wrote to us with copies of a series of extraordinary email exchanges they had with the campaign group Wild Justice, which is run by Mark Avery, Chris Packham and Ruth Tingay. The (redacted) exchanges published below will boil your blood. We have given the author of the emails a random pseudonym, Mr Constantine Beavertail. We … Continue reading Wild Justice – Lightweight & Vile

Adieu, Boris

CSM EDITORIAL Losing Boris is a great shame. His Premiership held so much promise in the eyes of those who helped deliver him his massive majority in December 2019, silencing the Remoaners and decimating Labour (which is still highly vulnerable, replete with Corbynite Britain-haters and rotten to the core). Back then one could not have predicted the Covid turmoil or Putin’s insane moves on Ukraine. … Continue reading Adieu, Boris

Lord Geidt’s Peculiar Wikipedia Entry

CSM EDITORIAL Last Wednesday night Boris Johnson’s ethics adviser, Lord Geidt, dramatically quit after conceding the Prime Minister may have broken the ministerial code over the Partygate scandal. In a statement released at the time, Geidt said: “With regret, I feel that it is right that I am resigning from my post as independent adviser on ministers’ interests.” Since his resignation Lord Geidt has been … Continue reading Lord Geidt’s Peculiar Wikipedia Entry

Lesser of Two Evils

CSM EDITORIAL The lesser of two evils principle is well known. The maxim existed already in Platonean philosophy. In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle states: “For the lesser evil can be seen in comparison with the greater evil as a good, since this lesser evil is preferable to the greater one, and whatever preferable is good”. The modern formulation of the principle was popularised by Thomas à … Continue reading Lesser of Two Evils

If Boris Goes, Labour Goes

CSM EDITORIAL The recent tweet by Lord Adonis that ‘if Boris goes, Brexit goes’ should merely remind so-called red wall voters that ‘when Boris goes and anyone half competent takes his place, Labour goes’. Remoaning caricatures like Adonis only play to their lounge – an echo chamber of increasing electoral irrelevance. He and the Gina Millers will be looked back on like the anti German … Continue reading If Boris Goes, Labour Goes

Playing the Mental Health Card

CSM EDITORIAL There is an individual who has been pestering high profile women for over a decade. From the comfort of his bedroom he searches each and every listing about them online. He questions those close to his victims. He follows victims on social media using aliases. He is highly organised and what the police call a ‘professional troll’, although he is yet to distinguish … Continue reading Playing the Mental Health Card

Cleaning the Augean Stable

CSM EDITORIAL BBC Director General Tim Davie’s squirming in front of a committee of MPs a couple of days ago was embarrassing to watch. Reminiscent of a schoolboy making up ridiculous excuses for not doing his prep rather than just admitting to the truth and acting contritely. Davie’s excuse for the organisation’s fading impartiality was flimsy to say the least:   “I think the culture … Continue reading Cleaning the Augean Stable