The EU Flip-Floppers

CSM EDITORIAL The upcoming General Election’s top issue is unquestionably Brexit, followed closely by a forensic examination of Jeremy Corbyn’s character. Corbyn seems out of his depth. Meanwhile his party’s views on Brexit are flip-flopping between Remain & Leave, between a second referendum and no second referendum, and there’s a lack of coherence about whether Britain should pay any kind of EU exit bill. Theresa … Continue reading The EU Flip-Floppers

Comments on Country Squire

CSM EDITORIAL Country Squire Magazine has been in existence for almost six months now. In that time, we have attracted a large audience and a collection of regular users beyond our most optimistic dreams. As we look at our millionth user soon visiting the magazine, we thank You, Our Loyal Readers, for Your continued interest and support. As a consequence of increased traffic, we have … Continue reading Comments on Country Squire

General Election 2017

CSM EDITORIAL Prime Minister Theresa May’s call for a General Election yesterday morning came as a huge surprise to the opposition parties, to the media and the public. Her statement was bold and strong and delivered with a steely panache. Prior to the announcement there were rumours about a possible abdication announcement, there was talk of going to war, while Sky’s Adam Boulton speculated about … Continue reading General Election 2017

Labour & the UK Countryside

CSM EDITORIAL After announcing itself as the party of the countryside in 1997, Labour is still the political party of inner cities. With the loss of the Copeland by-election, the number of rural seats in Labour hands in England and Wales has tumbled to just 29 out of the 199 seats designated rural in government statistics. If recent polling translates into votes in a general … Continue reading Labour & the UK Countryside

The Nuisance of Sky Lanterns

CSM EDITORIAL An outright ban on the use of Chinese sky lanterns in Wales has edged a step closer. Last week Torfaen County Borough Council became the latest Welsh local authority to ban the use of sky lanterns on their land. The council announced the ban arguing sky lanterns pose a fire hazard to crops and buildings. The reality is that Chinese lanterns can also … Continue reading The Nuisance of Sky Lanterns

SCOOP: Tim Farron Praises Farage

CSM EDITORIAL It looks like some poor lady called Jane, the constituency assistant of Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron, is for the chop. A confidential email tracked down, and confirmed by IP, to Farron’s constituency office at Acland House, Yard 2, Stricklandgate, Kendal, has been sent out to the wrong email address on behalf of Tim Farron himself. The email destined for the private email account … Continue reading SCOOP: Tim Farron Praises Farage

Happy Article 50 Day

CSM EDITORIAL So, the day has arrived. It’s Article 50 Day. The day Theresa May sends an already-signed letter via Sir Tim Barrow to notify the European Council of its intention to withdraw from the European Union. Once the letter is sent, the UK will have to wait for the EU Council president, Donald Tusk, to send his response, which is expected to take up … Continue reading Happy Article 50 Day

A Shout Out For Britain’s Rural Poor

CSM EDITORIAL A quick scan of Britain’s countryside using Google Earth reveals these rural twilight zones. Where subsisting folk live in caravans or dilapidated homes literally in the middle of nowhere. Down unpassable lanes or hidden off main roads where even the postman daren’t venture past a battered postal collection box barely attached to some post or tree. You may pass these locations as a … Continue reading A Shout Out For Britain’s Rural Poor

Laboured Contrivance

CSM EDITORIAL Raising the volume on a second Scottish Independence Referendum by Nicola Sturgeon is just games. She has said it’s Westminster playing games in that the Tory Government are heading for a “hard” Brexit and playing games with Scotland’s future. The reality is that the SNP – in line with their Irish blood-brothers, the IRA and Sinn Fein – look to stab the England-headquartered … Continue reading Laboured Contrivance