Living in Dread

BY PETER HARRIS British Jews have reached an existential crisis, so what is to be done? Edwin Landau, a Jewish Prussian veteran of the Great War, when contemplating the national boycott of Jewish businesses on 1 April 1933, could not grasp how anti-Semitism could manifest in the twentieth century. For Landau, such behaviour was medieval. Nor could Landau comprehend how quickly the course of events … Continue reading Living in Dread

An Important Letter for Steve Barclay

BY MARK CRUDGINGTON Rt Hon Steve Barclay MP, DEFRA Dear Mr Barclay , I am a master gun maker who has for the last 18 months been communicating with your predecessor concerning the proposed ban of lead in rifle and shotgun ammunition against which I am totally opposed. I have also communicated with DEFRA, the HSE, my MP, The Prime Minister and various organisations. In … Continue reading An Important Letter for Steve Barclay

Yousurf, Matheson & Titillating Footie in Morocco

BY HAMISH GOBSON Humza Yousaf calling Suella Braverman “unfit for public office” seems to me to be a clear case of the pot calling the kettle white. Last Monday’s Herald reported our whiter-than-white First Minister, who thinks it wrong for Scotland to have so many “white” people in senior positions in public life, considers that no wrong was done when his Minister for Net Zero Moroccans, Michael Matheson, … Continue reading Yousurf, Matheson & Titillating Footie in Morocco

Adopting a Charitable Attitude

BY JIM WEBSTER A growing number of people in the charity sector have been complaining about banks. I’m not talking about banks ‘unbanking’ people they disapprove of. Although why usurers, whose profession is frowned upon by all the world’s major religions, have suddenly become the guardians of decency, is beyond me. I’m more talking about the problems charities have had getting any sort of service … Continue reading Adopting a Charitable Attitude

The Treacherous Hypocrisy of the Anti-VAWG Charities

BY PETER HARRIS The massacre of the innocents that occurred in Southern Israel on 7 October has, like a flare sent up, exposed nefarious attitudes that otherwise would have remained hidden behind a façade of right-on self-righteousness. The anti-Israel bias of the BBC, the anti-Semitism of many university academics and the rabid jihadism of a number of UK born and immigrant Muslims have been thrown … Continue reading The Treacherous Hypocrisy of the Anti-VAWG Charities

But Does the EU Want Scotland?

BY EFFIE DEANS In the Scottish Government’s latest paper An independent Scotland in the EU we learn that the SNP thinks that it would take between two to five years to join the EU. This is despite us learning that civil servants had previously warned that it could take up to eight years. The truth is that no one knows how long it might take for an independent Scotland … Continue reading But Does the EU Want Scotland?

Enough is Enough

BY JOHN MUSGRAVE ‘Enough is enough,’ is a phrase now increasingly heard on the lips of all good men and true. The follow-up phrase: ‘They really ought to do something,’ is overused and self-defeating. The problem here is the word ‘THEY,’ a much-abused pronoun of dubious provenance. When we expect ‘them’ to do something we abrogate responsibility. In the real world ‘they’ don’t exist. Suits … Continue reading Enough is Enough

Anti-Semitic & Islamophobic

BY ALEX STORY The Left is both anti-Semitic and Islamophobic. The first tag is not up for debate. From Marx to Keynes and from Corbyn to the current Labour Party, the antipathy towards Jews is well established. In his little-known pamphlet “On the Jewish Question” written in 1843, Marx, the holy messenger of the Left, tells his followers that the Jew is an egotistical, Mammon … Continue reading Anti-Semitic & Islamophobic

The Return of the King

BY PAUL T HORGAN The return of David Cameron to front-line politics has elicited strong reactions from all areas of the political spectrum. On Sunday it was inconceivable that Cameron would be anything other than a former Prime Minister, travelling the lecture circuit and sitting on the board of numerous organisations while acting as a consultant for others. Elevation to a Knight of the Garter … Continue reading The Return of the King

Hill Farming in the North of England

BY JAMIE FOSTER Our hill farmers have shaped some of the most beautiful parts of Britain for generations, acting as custodians of precious environmental amenities while providing a crucial part of our livestock industry. Our hills and uplands are elevated areas of less favoured agricultural land. These Less Favoured Areas (LFAs) are suitable for extensive livestock production because of their geography and their climate: they … Continue reading Hill Farming in the North of England