An Immigrant’s Love Letter to the West

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE Konstantin Kisin is a comedian, political commentator and co-host of the widely celebrated show TRIGGERnometry. His first book, An Immigrant’s Love Letter to the West, serves as a warning siren to those who take for granted the freedoms that Western Civilisation affords; freedoms of which Kisin’s grandparents – under the oppressions of Soviet Russia – could have only dreamed. Britain’s middle-class commentariat … Continue reading An Immigrant’s Love Letter to the West

A Guide to the Deer of the World

BY ALEXIA JAMES If ever a factbook on deer were ordered by the CIA, then A Guide to the Deer of the World by lifelong naturalist and countryman Charles Smith-Jones would be it. This 320-page coffee table reference book is cutting edge – including several species of deer which have only recently become known to science. The book is beautifully illustrated with colour photographs. It … Continue reading A Guide to the Deer of the World

Has Woke Won?

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE Titling her book on the assumption that it has, Joanna Williams delivers a powerful critique against this cultural cancer which has now metastasised itself into every aspect of our lives. It may seem absurd to afford a tabloid buzzword like Woke with any degree of intellectual seriousness, but Williams’ arguments – peppered with persuasive evidence and delivered in a scholarly and detached … Continue reading Has Woke Won?

The Death of Michael Corleone

BY ANDREW MOODY “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…” Like almost every obsessive fan of The Godfather (1972) and its extraordinary sequel The Godfather Part II (1974), when I eventually came to watch The Godfather Part Three (1990) I was disappointed. Not only did it not include Robert Duvall as the Corleone family consigliere (director Francis Ford Coppola could … Continue reading The Death of Michael Corleone

Batman 2022

BY ANDREW MOODY In a recent article about the onslaught (and danger) of Franchise pictures in the New York Times, fabled director Martin Scorsese wrote: Some say that Hitchcock’s pictures had a sameness to them, and perhaps that’s true — Hitchcock himself wondered about it. But the sameness of today’s franchise pictures is something else again. Many of the elements that define cinema as I … Continue reading Batman 2022

The Countryman

BY THE EDITOR Natural historian, broadcaster, columnist, countryside campaigner, farmer and national treasure, Sir Johnny Scott has had “The Countryman – Through the Seasons” published by Quiller, and it’s a treasure trove of countryside knowledge and anecdotes, some of which inevitably lead to a good chuckle. A series of vignettes of British country life across the seasons – which, I am ashamed to say, I … Continue reading The Countryman

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

BY ANDREW MOODY Netflix Originals’ most elegant documentary out now is Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened (2019), one of the best movies on the realities of Social Media fame yet made. For the internet obsessed millennial generation, you can really do no better. Fyre Festival was a failed attempt on the part of business partners Billy McFarland and (rapper) Ja Rule to put … Continue reading Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

No Time to Die

BY ANDREW MOODY Ever since Casino Royale (2006), the first of five movies with Daniel Craig playing James Bond, there has been something progressive about his take on Ian Fleming’s legendary spy. Connery was smooth and savage, Roger Moore a comic gentleman with a twinkle in his eye, George Lazenby (in only one Bond movie) hamstrung with a diabolical script; Timothy Dalton irritated and out … Continue reading No Time to Die

An Artist by Nature

BY NICK PEARCE Rodger McPhail is a world-famous British painter, best known for his detailed wildlife paintings of sporting fowl, fish, and dogs. After studying at both Liverpool and Coventry Art Colleges, he achieved the rare distinction of having a painting published on the front cover of The Shooting Times at the age of just 19. With numerous exhibitions at The Rountree Tryon Gallery and … Continue reading An Artist by Nature


BY ANDREW MOODY If everybody in the post digital age were being honest with themselves, they would admit to using online pornography. With an ocean of porn flooding the internet, one popular genre is that of the CAM girl, where men pay a girl on screen to strip, masturbate, and flirt for tokens that can be turned into cash by the onscreen girl or her … Continue reading CAM

Post Blair Witch

Back in 1999, two plucky, independent filmmakers Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez released a strange, terrifying mockumentary called The Blair Witch Project at the Sundance Film Festival. The story concerns three documentary filmmakers who disappeared into the Black Hills in Burkittsville, Maryland, in 1994, their footage being found a year later. Around the time of its release, a deluge of horror films, including seventies and … Continue reading Post Blair Witch

The Other Boleyn Girl

BY ANDREW MOODY In 2008, several years before either Game of Thrones or The Crown debuted on TV, Eric Bana starred as Henry the VIII in The Other Boleyn Girl, opposite starlets Natalie Portman and Scarlet Johannson who played Anne and Mary Boleyn. Now the movie has reached streaming service Netflix. After compulsively gorging on the first four seasons of Peter Morgan’s The Crown, I … Continue reading The Other Boleyn Girl


BY ANDREW MOODY There is something deeply compelling about Sacha Baron Cohen’s 2009 mockumentary Brüno, directed by Larry Charles, who he had collaborated with on the 2006 blockbuster Borat. Held together with an extraordinary performance by Cohen, who takes the Stanislavsky method to heights rarely seen before in cinematic history, what intrigues me after years of watching the movie is just how dangerous the film … Continue reading Brüno

Filthy Rich

BY ANDREW MOODY It will never be conclusively proven that billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. In the recent Netflix show Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (based on James Patterson’s book), the idea that Epstein was murdered in a prison hit, ordered from high above, is considered. It was in production nine months before his arrest on sex trafficking charges, and the film makers used the … Continue reading Filthy Rich