The Fake News Factory

BY JAMIE FOSTER David Sedgwick’s book ‘The Fake News Factory’ is a polemic on the state of the BBC. It pulls no punches from the outset in covering what Sedgwick perceives to be the BBC’s dishonesty and malfeasance. The BBC is portrayed as the source of fake news on a number of subjects ranging from Brexit and Donald Trump to Hungary and Russia. The book … Continue reading The Fake News Factory


To the Cleaners

BY ANDREW MOODY In many respects, even more than the derivative Star Wars movies, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is the most famous movie ever made. “Hitchcock liked to boast about playing the emotions of audiences as though they were notes on an organ, but when he first read Psycho he must have recognized his own inner music surging through him. It was The Lodger as the … Continue reading To the Cleaners

Illusory Power

BY ANDREW MOODY I believe in America… The undertaker’s words to Don Vito Corleone (as the master toys with a kitten in a smoky back room office), are surely the most memorable opening lines in Hollywood history. I first saw the Godfather and the Godfather Part 2 on one, long hot summer’s day at a friend’s house whilst revising for my maths GCSE. I must … Continue reading Illusory Power

Hollywood Party

BY ANDREW MOODY The general consensus in 2020 is that the HUAC hearings into Communist subversion that began in 1947 and saw many unfriendly witnesses (most famously what were known as ‘The Hollywood Ten’) blacklisted from the Hollywood industry were unconstitutional and fascist. Ed Harris and other notable liberals refused to applaud director and friendly witness Elia Kazan when he received his honorary Academy Award … Continue reading Hollywood Party

The Mosquito Coast

BY ANDREW MOODY “Know why I hate scavengers?” Mother said “Allie, please,” and turned away. “Because they remind me of human beings.” Paul Theroux’s 1981 award winning novel about a teenage boy narrating the story of his increasingly unhinged father dragging the family to an uninhabited island in Honduras to build a new civilisation (he believes nuclear holocaust is due for the United States) was … Continue reading The Mosquito Coast

They All Love Jack

BY ANDREW MOODY The mystery of Jack the Ripper’s true identity has lasted well over a century. Numerous suspects, including (the incorrect) Victorian artist Walter Sickert have had their day in court (in lengthy, poorly researched, histrionic books) but finally, in a mammoth 850 page work of heroic non-fiction, Withnail and I director Bruce Robinson has gotten to the bottom of this grimy tale. He’s … Continue reading They All Love Jack

Jackie Brown

BY ANDREW MOODY According to most biographies of legendary auteur Quentin Tarantino, he lost his virginity late, in his mid-twenties, and didn’t have his first girlfriend until pre-production of his indie classic Reservoir Dogs. This (presumably unbearable) sexual frustration, coupled with his intense academic approach to pop culture, goes part of the way in explaining the typically bodacious violence that characterises his body of work. … Continue reading Jackie Brown

American Beauty Post Spacey

BY ANDREW MOODY Back in 1999, during post-production of his Oscar winning American Beauty, Sam Mendes showed the final cut to legendary director Stephen  Spielberg. As it ended, with tears in his eyes, Spielberg turned to Mendes and proclaimed: “You’ve created an American masterpiece…” Twenty years later, with the disgrace of lead actor Kevin Spacey, Spielberg’s words fall remarkably flat. What now comes across when … Continue reading American Beauty Post Spacey

The Annihilation

BY ALEXIA JAMES Not since Prince Andrew’s triumph of an exchange has an interview been so heralded. As bank-breaking hooligan Aaron Bastani recognised minutes after the airing of the BBC Corbyn-Neil spectacular last night, “Corbyn nailed the Andrew Neil interview. How? He was well prepared, repetitive in what he said and ultimately…boring. People watching will think ‘this guy doesn’t seem particularly radical’. And they’d be … Continue reading The Annihilation