Not More Scottish Than Me

BY EFFIE DEANS In Scotland there are a group of people who want Scotland to be an independent country. But who are they and why do they want this?  They are frequently supporters of the SNP though some also support the Scottish Greens or other less well-known parties. Some don’t support any party but have decided that they would vote for Scottish independence at any future … Continue reading Not More Scottish Than Me

All for Unity

BY EFFIE DEANS We don’t know when the next Scottish Parliament Election will be. It might be in May as scheduled or it might be delayed. Polls suggest that the SNP will win an overall majority. Each of us gets two votes for the Scottish Parliament. The first is for 73 constituencies elected by First Past the Post. The second is for 8 regions elected … Continue reading All for Unity

The SNP, Hitler & the IRA

CSM EDITORIAL Any damage that the Conservative Party or the Liberal Democrats can do to the awful SNP in Scotland will be most welcome. There are several seats which could change hands in Scotland at the upcoming General Election, including the seat of Moray held by Angus Robertson, the SNP deputy leader. If, as polls currently predict, the SNP loses nine seats then Nicola Sturgeon’s … Continue reading The SNP, Hitler & the IRA