Running a Rural Business: Pros & Cons

The countryside holds great appeal for anyone looking to take their business into another location. Find out why rural businesses are thriving. Pros and cons of running a rural business Running a business in the country has its benefits and drawbacks, but if you’re prepared to handle certain key issues, it can be a rewarding experience. Rural areas tend to have fewer companies competing for … Continue reading Running a Rural Business: Pros & Cons

Lockdowns: Entrapment of the Global Economy

BY BERNADETTE SPOFFORTH You cannot shut down an economy without catastrophic long-term damage. The damage of unintended consequences permeates like the butterfly effect, reaching industries and supply chains not even originally considered. From copper to turkeys, all products are made somewhere, and all services are provided by someone. Those who enjoyed their 18 months of “rest” will blame Brexit for the inflation that hits their … Continue reading Lockdowns: Entrapment of the Global Economy

The Four Thousand Bagger

BY PHLEGYAS As we watch private equity companies bid for Morrisons’ supermarket, the Chinese buy up Cambridge University by pumping cash and professors into the Colleges and the Church of England abandon its clergy and college-based training in favour of 10,000 lay-led churches , we received this investment report from our favourite City analyst, Tapyer Nose.     BUY recommendation for YIPPEE! the special purpose acquisition company … Continue reading The Four Thousand Bagger

Rural Crime & the Police

BY RUPERT MATTHEWS This year has been tough for small businesses. None more so than those in rural areas which struggle on with all the problems that already go with keeping a business going in areas without the sorts of benefits that businesses in towns take for granted – fast broadband, high footfall and neighbouring businesses less than a mile away. This year Small Business … Continue reading Rural Crime & the Police

UK Online

Exploring the UK’s Position in the Global Online Marketplace… Globalisation was recognisable long before the age of the internet, but the rapid rate at which the UK and nations around the world have moved online has accelerated that trend, connecting brands, businesses and customers like never before. But what does it mean to be a British brand in the global online marketplace, and what does … Continue reading UK Online

The Sunak Handouts

THE CITY GRUMP The mainstream media seem to have fallen hook line and sinker for our photogenic Chancellor’s July 8th handouts. Headlines like “Come dine with me” and “Rishi Dishy” are everywhere, while the FT’s normally sensible Deputy Editor, Robert Shrimsley, declares “Mr Sunak presented a substantial and imaginative statement”. No he didn’t, it is all flash and no substance. Where to start? Okay let’s … Continue reading The Sunak Handouts

Sea Buckthorn: Britain’s Secret Superfruit

BY BEN EAGLE Normally I write about general countryside or farming issues for Country Squire Magazine but, this time, the editors asked me to write about something that has become surprisingly significant for my family’s farm on the Essex coast. Almost all farms have diversified to a certain extent in recent years and our farm is certainly no exception, with lots of diversified enterprises going … Continue reading Sea Buckthorn: Britain’s Secret Superfruit

The McStrike Stunt

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Yesterday’s McStrike outside McDonald’s Headquarters and at various branches of the fast-food restaurant were declared as the first ever in the UK by McDonald’s workers. This is not true – there were employee sit-down strikes in the 80’s and 90’s and most of those who “striked” yesterday were protesters holding aloft Labour Party banners. Some of the protesters present were obviously first-timers … Continue reading The McStrike Stunt

Customers Think They’re Always Right

BY ANDY COLLIDGE When you are in a trade or business that is constantly frequented by the public, there inevitably comes that invariable onslaught of thoughts, opinions, requirements and self-indulgence. After only a very short while, you begin, not intentionally, to put people with similar attitudes and characteristics into certain categories. After a longer while at the mercy of the over-needy public, the more elevated of … Continue reading Customers Think They’re Always Right

Walker’s Crisps: Salt & Too Much Lineker

BY JIM BROWNE I make two trips every week to the Tesco’s Superstore just a few miles from the Browne house. The first trip involves dropping my wife off and then pulling into a parking spot at The Red Lion next door. I confess I enjoy my Friday afternoon hour of freedom. A pint of cider goes down splendidly with pork scratchings and a chinwag with the locals. … Continue reading Walker’s Crisps: Salt & Too Much Lineker

The Customer is Always Right

BY JON ALEXANDER Ever wondered what it’s like in customer services when dealing with awkward customers? The need to remain ever-professional despite extremely testing scenarios and in the face of mounting stupidity? Well here’s a brief description of the “glamorous” side of the job from me – a man that has significant experience. I’ve decided to categorise some of my more troublesome customers over the … Continue reading The Customer is Always Right

Countryside Business & Article 50

BY LAWRENCE GRAHAMS Lawrence is a Countryside Business Owner & Government Adviser on Brexit “We want Article 50 now!” shout many of those Britons who voted for Brexit. Brexit means Brexit and we need to invoke Article 50 now, right? Wrong. Clearly we now have Gina Miller’s legal challenge to the Government’s authority before invoking Article 50. Remember, this is not a direct challenge to Brexit, … Continue reading Countryside Business & Article 50