Labour’s Brexit Ruse Exposed

BY BEN PENSANT Just because Corbyn’s spent his whole career opposed to the EU doesn’t mean he wants us to leave the EU. And just because Labour’s manifesto stated they would support a hard Brexit doesn’t mean they’re going to support a hard Brexit. Do I need to draw a diagram? Corbynites who voted for Jezza know this, so why are Blairites in such a tizz? All over … Continue reading Labour’s Brexit Ruse Exposed

Great British Brexit Calendar

A year ago the people of Britain spoke with a loud and clear voice. They chose to leave the European Union, and there’s no better way to be part of the historic countdown to Brexit than with The Great British Brexit Calendar.   Lord Tim Bell explains: “We have taken the first steps to set a new course for our great Country. With negotiations to leave the European Union now underway, the countdown to a stronger and greater Britain has begun.”   “Far … Continue reading Great British Brexit Calendar

Brexit Bullets to Survive Dinner Parties

BY JOHN ISMAEL If you are heading to a dinner party this weekend where there will be annoying remoaners present, print and place in your pocket or purse the following cheat sheet so you can shoot them down with Brexit facts. No doubt May’s lacklustre election has emboldened some of the loudmouth Remoaners and they should once more be reminded of how democracy works and … Continue reading Brexit Bullets to Survive Dinner Parties

Brexit & The Very English Countryside

BY LAURENCE FITZGERALD As I write, the view from the window is simply stunning. Garden gives on to meadow then woodland upon which perch a loose nest of cottages sprawled up the saddleback of Holcombe hill, which then finally succumb to the wild moorlands of the West Pennines. Sadly, all this will eventually disappear. Since everyone lost the ‘Brexit election’ – Brexit is now at … Continue reading Brexit & The Very English Countryside

A Letter to Uncle Donald

Dear President Trump, One of the mightiest predecessors in your esteemed office – Ronald Reagan – warned on the eighth of March 1983, “let us be aware that while they [the Soviet leadership] preach the supremacy of the state, declare its omnipotence over individual man, and predict its eventual domination of all peoples on the earth, they are the focus of evil in the modern … Continue reading A Letter to Uncle Donald

The English Case for Union

BY DAVID HARTHILL What vested interest have the English in the preservation of the United Kingdom? Historically, England has won many battles against the French—Crecy, La Roche-Derrien, Poitiers, Agincourt, to name but some. Those battles were won despite English kings having to leave forces behind in the north to guard against opportunistic incursions by Scots. E.g. 1346, when a Scottish army marched south to eventual defeat … Continue reading The English Case for Union