It’s the Russians!


Why is it that when faced with certain failure politicians these days scream “Russia”? The Democrats in the US tried and failed to oust Trump with their Russian collusion antics and now losers like Dominic Grieve are forced to pull the Russian collusion card over here. Recent tall tales in obtuse publications about the owner of the Evening Standard, Evgeny Lebedev, being a Russian spy feeding tidbits back to the KGB on Boris Johnson are Cadwalladresque and tinfoil.

Ever since the failed Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, called Russia the greatest geopolitical enemy of the US during his campaign, and got laughed at incidentally, Russia has grown in bogeyman influence to a point where – inflamed by social media – any mention of Russians is bringing on a paranoia akin to the era of McCarthyism.

On both sides of the Atlantic our respective political classes tend to portray Vladimir Putin as a Bondesque super villain with his criminal tendrils extending into our society at every level. The Russian bot / Russian money conspiracy in the Brexit leave campaign continues to rumble. Now we have the ISC report on Russian influences in UK politics – the report committee chairman is the aforementioned, swivel-eyed Grieve who, in the opinion of many, is a highly dubious source and a traitor to boot.

What are the Russians gaining with all this alleged collusion?

Russian money has hardly positively affected Western policy towards Russia when we always seem to be sanctioning one aspect of Russian economic activity or another to punish bad geopolitical behaviour. Rich Russians helping to fund the Tory party seem to be ones on the wrong side of Putin and not the other way around.

It is pretty clear that – although Putin is indeed a gangster and a hardman as is perhaps needed to hold unruly Russia together –  it is hard to believe, after studying the chaos of Philby and Burgess, after witnessing the amateurishness of the Skripal poisonings, against the backcloth of their coal fired battleships still polluting the seas, that Russian military intelligence services are so much better than the CIA or our own. Every country worth its salt tries to spy on its neighbours and enemies. Could it be that Russia is a mere paper tiger that has been transformed into a huge straw man to use as a political weapon? Like Snowball was to Napoleon in Orwell’s Animal Farm? Every loss or setback attributed to outside influence?


Yet the leftists this election appear to be trying to gaslight their respective electorates to pretend that they are the honest ones and everyone else to the right of them is far right and Russian-colluding – stuffing Russian diamonds under their beds in order to win elections. It’s not an easy lie to sell when the likes of Seumas Milne have happily shared a stage with Putin and other key Corbyn players like Andrew Murray are Communist Party drones. There can be little doubt that the UK Labour party in its current antisemitic incarnation is led by two men who would happily usher in a regime so state-heavy that Stalin would be proud of it. John McDonnell has already started work on several laws with retrospective scope to make his enemies face trial for crimes against the British people – it doesn’t take a great imagination to envisage laws against thought crimes beyond their current remit.

As well as their obsession with Russia the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats seem to be in a bidding war to buy the electors’ votes. Labour’s latest bribe to offer free internet for the masses asks the question what would a heavy-state government do with the Internet? Watch as they pay homage to lunatics like Carole Cadwalladr and to groups like Hacked Off who want to transform the UK press. Would you really want the state, let alone a communist-run one in thrall to lunatics, to get it’s paws on the key elements of British media? How long before they produce a Ministry of News?

If you have any doubts of the intention of Corbyn and his merry band of reds get a calculator out and add up his spending and nationalisation plans. You’ll be amazed to see a five-year hike in debt of over £1 trillion. When did you ever see a governmental programme stay anywhere close to budget? These are not people who care about Britain or her peoples. Labour’s hierarchy wants Number 10 to bring Britain and capitalism to its knees – no less.

As a former Trotskyite I sometimes afford myself a chuckle when I see how far Corbyn, Lansman and McDonnell have come. I’d doff my worker’s cap if I still had one as their achievements in pushing the raw failure of Marxism are nothing short of miraculous. Then I pause for thought as the frightful reality dawns – that a mainstream political party in the UK still wants to go back to the future with a communist state.

Ignore the misdirection plays about Russia, people. Focus on those who are trying to re-enact the worst chapters of Russian history – this time in our islands – draped in the stolen colours of the Labour Party.

Paul Newall is a child of the 1960’s from a traditional Labour-supporting household. Paul dabbled with Trotskyism in the 1980’s but then “grew up and thanks to having responsibilities I slowly migrated across the political spectrum until instead of hating Maggie Thatcher I admired her for beating my side in the miners’ strike”.

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