Adieu People’s Vote


Such a tragedy that the People’s Vote campaign is disintegrating before our eyes. Is it possible to think of a more noble and democratic campaign in the history of these islands? A campaign that attracted such an array of political stardust? Is that the end of those wonderful marches? No more splendid placards or exaggerated crowd statistics?  I do fear for Supergirl’s career. What new campaign bush will Alastair “Kelly Iraq” Campbell seek to hide behind? Talking of bushes, will Victoria Bateman be ordering a Brazilian down at her local spa now? The choirs – what about the choirs? How we are going to miss that optimism spouting from Anna Soubry’s mauve lips. It’s a great tragedy – any campaign that can attract so many thousands from George Soros’ Open Society must be so worthwhile.

The Independent reports:

“The People’s Vote campaign for a fresh Brexit referendum has split after weeks of infighting between its chairman and members of staff. One of the campaign’s two youth groups, For our Future’s Sake (FFS), has decided to break away and will campaign separately to the other groups under the People’s Vote umbrella. Some members of the other affiliated youth group, Our Future Our Choice (OFOC), are also understood to have left. It comes amid an ongoing battle between Roland Rudd, the outgoing chairman of the campaign, and most of the organisation’s staff.”

One can only hope that People’s Vote campaigners – especially those who earned money from it – are rewarded with knighthoods and other baubles. I am especially sad today for those who offered their faces to the campaign (in some cases more than just the one face) – the likes of Gary Lineker, Steve Coogan, Tom Watson, Lord Heseltine, Jess Phillips, Gavin Esler, Patrick Stewart, Delia Smith, Rory Bremner, Tony Robinson, David Lammy, Emily Thornberry and the wonderful Jo Swinson (she who heads up that party with a name similar in its veracity to the name of the People’s Vote). If the Honours Selection Committee in the UK is proving tight then surely Dominic Grieve can rustle up something for these great democrats from Macron in France?

I worry most for the marchers. They had such fun. They felt so wholesome and – with the holy words of Saint James O’Brien ringing in their ears – they knew they were pounding the streets in the same vein as Tiananmen and the Arab Spring.  This was Democracy in action. The 2016 EU referendum vote was not democratic at all – it was more than an hour old, after all.

Roland Rudd, Sam Gyimah, Stephen Bray, Femi Oluwole, Terry Christian, Chuka Umunna, Lord Adonis, Andy Parsons, and Layla Moran – we really feel for you this morning.

Look on the bright side. The New European still exists – for now. Your names will forever be associated with this wonderful People’s Vote campaign. With Brexit Britain roaring into the future us Brits can always look back and admire the stand that you all took. You sad, f***ing losers. You undemocratic arses. You dragged Britain’s good name through the mud unnecessarily and disgracefully. You negotiated with the EU behind the British Government’s back. Let’s hope your careers are trampled into the dust.