The King Wanted to Fish

CSM EDITORIAL Yesterday’s outburst by Dominic Grieve on the radio was embarrassing – for him and the Conservative Party. That someone of such low rank should attack the recently-resigned foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, and in such a public way, was both petty and puerile. Grieve threatening to resign gives us all hope and puts wind in Johnson’s sails. Perhaps Grieve can be joined by Anna … Continue reading The King Wanted to Fish

Now Brexit is Sexist!

BY SAM HOOPER Leftists to women: “Don’t you worry your pretty little minds with complicated talk about geopolitics, democracy or the long-term national interest – just think about Brexit in terms of whether you stand to gain or lose government benefits and entitlements”. It must have seemed like a godsend to whichever scheming left-winger first thought it up – the notion that any proposed government … Continue reading Now Brexit is Sexist!

We’re Losing this War

BY SAM HOOPER The good aspects of this populist insurgency in America and Britain need saving from horrified (and increasingly organised) antidemocratic elites – but also from cynical and incompetent populist leaders who are squandering our last best hope of democratic renewal. For all the furious words being written and opinions expressed of late, nothing much seems to be changing. Despite a political discourse which … Continue reading We’re Losing this War

Chequers & Steamrollers

BY DAVID EYLES Three days after Theresa May had imprisoned the entire Cabinet at Chequers and unleashed Olly Robbins to administer a day-long punishment beating, I received an e-mail from my local Conservative Association. It was an invitation to attend a meeting at which two local constituency MPs would attend, along with the star turn – Claire Perry, MP for Devizes and Minister of State (Business, … Continue reading Chequers & Steamrollers

From Remain to Out Now

BY DANIEL SALT Daniel Salt is a Twitter user. Yesterday he wrote a thread about the EU that, by popular demand, we at Country Squire Magazine have been urged to republish in full, below. (So, please excuse the grammar – it is published unchanged and somewhat replete with the dashes and endless sentences of Twitter threads). Daniel makes some important, heartfelt points that deserve a wider … Continue reading From Remain to Out Now

Theresa May’s Great Betrayal

BY DAVID EYLES Back in the day, before the arrival of William of Normandy, the Anglo-Saxons had a pretty straightforward set of principles for the governance of England. It was the duty of the king (or queen) to protect and defend the people against foreign aggression. This allowed the rest of the country to get on with their lives and their farms and their businesses … Continue reading Theresa May’s Great Betrayal

May’s Flank Now Truly Exposed

BY JAMIE FOSTER With the resignations of Boris Johnson and David Davis, the good ship Theresa May is taking on water. It may be that the Brexit negotiations sink it entirely. Now Mrs May is attempting the impossible. On the one hand she is trying to reach agreement across the deeply divided Tory Party. On the other hand, she is looking for something that the … Continue reading May’s Flank Now Truly Exposed