Venezuela? Corbynites?

BY JOHN ISMAEL Venezuela is in a terrible mess. Its people are starving. Hospitals have no medicine. Schools have no pencils. Prisons have no guards. The country has gone to hell in a handcart. On Sunday Venezuelans were asked to choose the more than 500 representatives who will make up a constituent assembly. The constituent assembly was convened by President Maduro to rewrite the existing … Continue reading Venezuela? Corbynites?

Trump V CNN

BY JON ALEXANDER For years, regardless of your political affiliations (if any), the general public has grown tired of Politicians.  “You can’t trust any of them”, “they’re all as bad as each other” amongst many comments spouted over the years.  Whether we accuse them of lying through their teeth, being too smarmy or refusing to answer a question in that politician kind of way that … Continue reading Trump V CNN

A Lesson for the Left

BY JON ALEXANDER   So Marine Le Pen lost in her bid to become France’s next president.  Naturally, when she lost hundreds and thousands of aggrieved Feminists, anti-white, anti-rich privileged ex-bankers took to the streets to violently protest against this injustice? Don’t be silly. Not one word was uttered in protest. Neither French candidate was ideal, much like America’s election six months previously, but the reactions … Continue reading A Lesson for the Left

Dan On Fire

  BY BEN PENSANT Of all the questions that I’m regularly asked by right-wing trolls – from ‘Do you know the difference between reported crimes and actual crimes?’ to ‘Why does a man who supports LGBT rights celebrate a regime that hangs gays?’ – by far the most frequent revolve around the divisive issue of free speech. Divisive, that is, to right-wing trolls; we regressives are characteristically clear on freedom of … Continue reading Dan On Fire

Coping With Trump After 100 Days

BY SAM WHITE The 45th president of the United States, Dark Overlord Donald J Trump, has been in office for one hundred days and, against all the odds, Cthulhu hasn’t been summoned, the universe remains in existence, and cats and dogs are not, last time I checked, getting married and living together. Despite the perspiration drenched terror surrounding the Donald’s inauguration, we’ve survived. Of course, … Continue reading Coping With Trump After 100 Days

Hong Kong 20 Years On

BY ANASTASIA CHOO The 1st of July marks the 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover from Britain back to its motherland, China. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government has organised an array of celebrations to run on the theme of “Together, Progress, Opportunity.”  The $640 million HK dollars taxpayer funded extravaganza is to show the world how successful ‘one country, two systems’ has … Continue reading Hong Kong 20 Years On

The Egged Dictator

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN During the last year we have seen the peoples of various lands cock a snook at ruling elites. In Britain we voted for Brexit and wiped the smiles off the Europhile establishment, who were sure we ordinary working people would not dare upset the Brussels apple cart. The look of shock on the face of Guy Verhofstadt was almost worth David Cameron risking … Continue reading The Egged Dictator

Syria the Hopeless

BY ASGHAR KHAN While many in the West celebrated Thursday’s US strikes on the Syrian air force base in North West Syria, it was depressing to see among those congratulating President Trump the likes of the White Helmets and al Nusra (an al Qaeda Islamist affiliate). The so-called “Rebels” are just as bad as Assad and he is right to call them terrorists. For those … Continue reading Syria the Hopeless

Erdoğan Threatens Europe

BY ASGHAR KHAN There have been plenty of attempts in the past to take the mickey out of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The Spectator memorably ran a poetry competition under the literary supervision of Douglas Murray – The Spectator’s President Erdogan Offensive Poetry competition – which was won by Boris Johnson, no less, with the following, err, ode: There was a young fellow from Ankara Who … Continue reading Erdoğan Threatens Europe