A Staccato First Debate


The best thing about the first debate was the lack of Swinson. Hearing that squawking for an hour would have made the ad breaks desirable. The reality is the debate was too cut up and responses terminated too early by Julie Etchingham (not her fault) for the ITV debate to be deemed a success for either side. The format was ill-thought out and did not permit Johnson or Corbyn to debate at all.

Johnson was successful with a couple of jibes – the one about forests of magic money trees clearly hit the tutting Corbyn where it hurts. Corbyn’s riposte about coalitions of chaos – having had one already for nine years – was a good one. The Prime Minister’s insistence on answering all questions with Brexit was annoying but wise – it kept viewers eyes on the ball. This is the Brexit Election and to suggest otherwise is exactly what Corbyn wants.

Attacking an old man for his wonky glasses is not on. Clearly Corbyn has a problem – he should tell the voters what it is, as his replacement as Prime Minister should he actually win the election would likely by the awful John McDonnell. We voters have a right to know if Corbyn has suffered a stroke or if it’s just that he’s using the same optometrist as Off the Buses Olive.

The #WinforCorbyn hashtag that appeared on Twitter even before the debate started provided a useful airing of the Corbynite trolls who are paid or brainwashed to get Cult Corbyn’s message across at this election. The reality of course is that Twitter does not win elections – only 16 million of us Brits are Twits and most of those are in the “already decided” camp.

Nonetheless, it is well worth blocking the following accounts if you are a Twitter user and want some peace during this election. Doing so en masse will both hurt and annoy Labour and its outriders Momentum:

@SalmaYaqoob @InorBy2020 @imajsaclaimant @ArgyleLoz @JamesEFoster @mygibbo @BlogRedRobin @CabinboyRoger @afclhoratio @chelleryn99 @NAJ562 @ScouseGirlMedia @RobynBanksX @SkyeCitySeries @bloggerheads @LaboursBlackPLP @skwawkbox @AbdullaLoula @barthsnotes @Apollon101 @AmandaGTTO @blunted_james @mac123_m @CorbynASAP @fintanmccarthy @labour_b @Ras63H @spaceangel1964 @chessmartinez @JaneG8992 @LKTranslator @MUttlesford @psapiainslagos @IwantJC4PM @Khan8Aysha @55Krissi55 @SueSuezep @Bobby19_ @beverlyhb57 @mradprice @TiaKinay @Ross4Labour 

There will be those who will say, “We need free speech. We must hear all voices.” In this instance they are wrong. It is right to block trolls who are trying to rig the election in Corbyn’s favour. They are as bad as the boxes of dead people’s votes Labour has lined up in Kensington, Peterborough and Sandwell. Corbyn’s campaign has always depended upon trolls, so blunt them with a simple click.

A more comprehensive list should be drawn up by Brexiteers so we can mass block them. Why would anyone troll for Corbyn unless they supported his antisemitism, friendly relationships with terrorists, his strategy to end the union and unite Ireland?

Finish them off.

Block them back in their box.

It’s all they’ve got.