What Ukraine Teaches Us About Scottish & Irish Nationalism

BY EFFIE DEANS The war between Russia and Ukraine is essentially about different forms of nationalism. It is for this reason that it is relevant to Scotland. This is why the SNP is trying to create a narrative which it hopes will be helpful to its goal. After all Ukraine is the result of a successful secession movement. But it is also the victim of … Continue reading What Ukraine Teaches Us About Scottish & Irish Nationalism

Vladimir Putin as a ‘Real Russian Man’

BY IAN MITCHELL Some years ago when I lived in Moscow, I remember being startled by a comment a friend of mine made about Russian chauvinism. I was—and still am—good friends with a youngish, smart and very self-possessed Russian lady, who had spent a long time in the United States and understood both Russian and Western ways of managing interpersonal relationships. I was sitting one … Continue reading Vladimir Putin as a ‘Real Russian Man’

Can the Last Man Restart History?

BY STEWART SLATER In one of those ironies of which history seems so fond, Francis Fukuyama’s The End of History and the Last Man celebrates its thirtieth anniversary just as war in Europe adds to the list of events which seem to invalidate its thesis. Like The Great Gatsby and the roaring twenties, or The Bonfire of the Vanities and the go-go eighties, Fukuyama’s work, … Continue reading Can the Last Man Restart History?

Environment Comes Second to Food Security

BY JIM WEBSTER Russia and the Ukraine have been vying for the position of the world’s largest grain exporters for some time. This is the Moscow times from 2019: “Russia has been the global grain exporter top dog for the last three years, but as the agricultural marketing year ended on June 30, it looks like Ukraine has snatched the title back from its rival.” … Continue reading Environment Comes Second to Food Security

Freeze All Russian Assets

THE CITY GRUMP The invasion of Ukraine should have provided the perfect scenario for Boris Johnson to attempt to escape from all those currently and potentially demanding his resignation. As the gangster Putin calls for the “denazification” of Ukraine, here is the PM’s chance to cast himself  in the role of the 21st century’s version of his idol, Churchill. What do we get instead? Yes, that’s … Continue reading Freeze All Russian Assets


BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN The 1944 Soviet Military Encyclopaedia refers to: “means of securing combat operations and the daily activities of forces; a complexity of measures, directed to mislead the enemy regarding the presence and disposition of forces.” Russian military deception, known as maskirovka (Russian for ‘disguise’), contributed to major Soviet victories including the Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of Kursk. In both these cases, … Continue reading Maskirovka

Valieva & Vladimir

BY IAN MITCHELL Kamila Valieva and Vladimir Putin – the link between ice-dancing and killing. Here are three apparently unrelated questions which are connected and explained by a simple story: First, why Kamila Valieva (the teenage Russian ice-skater who has been in the news at the Beijing Winter Olympics) was given performance-enhancing drugs, probably without her knowledge? Secondly, why her coach treated her with such … Continue reading Valieva & Vladimir

Leaving Шотландия (Scotland) Defenceless

BY EFFIE DEANS Scottish nationalism depends on the idea that nothing much would change if Scotland left the UK. It would merely involve Scottish MPs ceasing to sit on green benches in Westminster, instead of which they would go to Holyrood. Instead of being First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon would be Prime Minster, perhaps President or even Tsarina of all the Scotlands. We would no longer … Continue reading Leaving Шотландия (Scotland) Defenceless


Chava Boroda now lives in Los Angeles. However, her family was among thousands of people from the USSR, whose story of moving to the United States as political refugees is inspiring. Chava’s family was among those “Refuseniks” who proved to the world how willpower can triumph over even the strictest regime in the world. The world has slowly forgotten emotional and powerful stories of “Refuseniks”. … Continue reading Refusenik

It’s the Russians!

BY PAUL NEWALL Why is it that when faced with certain failure politicians these days scream “Russia”? The Democrats in the US tried and failed to oust Trump with their Russian collusion antics and now losers like Dominic Grieve are forced to pull the Russian collusion card over here. Recent tall tales in obtuse publications about the owner of the Evening Standard, Evgeny Lebedev, being … Continue reading It’s the Russians!