Vote Boris to End Crap Choirs


This is a time not to be complacent, cheered by positive poll results. It is a time to ask everyone you know to get out and vote on Thursday. It is a time to be especially circumspect about electoral fraud. A time to be humble and still a bit fearful. The thought of a Friday 13th with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister is too awful to ponder.

It is hard not to think that we have Corbyn and his team where we want them. It is hard not to chuckle at Labour’s call for supporters to wear red. As, across the land, people head to Christmas parties dressed in red, who will be bothered to change their outfit? A thumbs up from a Momentum anorak can just be chuckled at these days, so punctured and exposed is their cause. A desperate ruse from a party so tainted by antisemitism, Marxism and terrorist links that you almost feel for their campaign managers. You really can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Making Brits love a man who hates Britain was an impossible task from the start.

Still, the great surprise of this Brexit Election is why no-one is mentioning the Choirs of Remain? Isn’t this election the greatest chance we will ever have to silence them?

A vote for Boris’ Conservatives on Thursday almost guarantees the break-up of these choirs as Brexit gets done at the end of January. The future of these choirs looks bleak indeed. Talking about the minutiae of free trade agreements is hard enough – singing about them seems a somewhat uphill task.

Shall we remind ourselves of how horrisonant these Remoaner warblers are?

Not forgetting Continuity Remain’s jewel in the crown of songbirds, Madeleina Kay – the “cat trapped in a bag”:


Let’s vote in a Tory Landslide on Thursday and be done with the last few years of nonsense forever. A hung parliament will be excruciating. A Jeremy Corbyn government will be liberating – we’ll all leave the country. Boris and the Tories is the only way forward. Just think, if the election delivers a sufficiently resounding victory for Boris then even Victoria “Brexit over my naked body” Bateman may put her clothes on and vanish back into obscurity where she belongs.

The latest Vote Tactically map for Brexiteers can be found here.