3 Little SJWs From School

BY SAM HOOPER Nobody’s safe, for they care for none. I must admit that I have been waiting for this one. I knew that it was only a matter of time before the social justice censors came for The Mikado, that beloved Gilbert & Sullivan operetta set in a highly fictionalized version of Japan, and here we are. (My other long-standing test for the final capitulation … Continue reading 3 Little SJWs From School

The Class Ceiling

BY GARY MCGHEE Mind your heads oiks, the Class Ceiling has lowered. Some ‘Arts Report’ produced by research Sociologists at Edinburgh University looking into the under-representation of groups in the Arts/Media was knocked out recently and titled ‘Where are the working class people?’ (We’re where we’ve been for a long time, Ophelia darling, at the back of the queue for the plum jobs and opportunities.) … Continue reading The Class Ceiling

Who Is Truly Marginalised?

BY SAM HOOPER The marginalisation of people and the marginalisation of supposedly harmful ideas are very different phenomena, and the continued existence of the former neither requires nor excuses the latter. Rod Dreher had a great reflection about who and what viewpoints in our present society are truly marginalised. Unsurprisingly, he is of the opinion that the side which bleats the loudest about its vulnerability and … Continue reading Who Is Truly Marginalised?

Peeping Social Media Police

BY BEN PENSANT As a died-in-the-wool regressive it’s not often I have anything good to say about the filth. When they’re not harassing the black community or choking drug-dealers to death, they’re pepper-spraying peaceful protesters. To be frank, until recently I was quite content for PM Corbyn to abolish the police altogether and introduce voluntary ‘community peacekeepers’, an idea floated by socialist demigod Dan Arel, … Continue reading Peeping Social Media Police

To Be Silent is to Condone

CSM EDITORIAL Let’s all put politics aside for one moment. Too often genuine problems get brushed aside as political smears and are permitted to fester and grow. One such problem today is Antisemitism. This plea from Joe Glasman, the Campaign Against Antisemitism’s Head of Political Investigations, is a must-watch for all Brits. Instead of all Brits celebrating our ancestors’ brilliant achievements in liberating concentration camps in … Continue reading To Be Silent is to Condone

Facebook No Mindbender

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN I don’t like Facebook. I don’t like the insidious way it has crept into every aspect of our social lives, I don’t like that it has succeeded in turning invite into a noun and inbox into a verb and I don’t like the way it has democratised stupidity.  hun x Yet with all the shabby hypocrisy of an A-list celebrity preaching about … Continue reading Facebook No Mindbender

White Man Views Black Panther

BY BEN PENSANT Well, I finally did it. After respectfully waiting a fortnight to give the ethnic community of Newcastle the best chance of seeing their lives on-screen for the first time, yesterday I dug out my Cameo t-shirt, stole a tenner from my grandma’s purse, and ventured to the nearest multiplex to see the most important movie ever made. Sadly, the only screening of Dreamworks’ Latino-centric Cocoa clashed with Judge Rinder so instead I opted for the most micro-unaggressive … Continue reading White Man Views Black Panther

Dear Working Class Women

BY BEN PENSANT Dear ladies. Dear, dear ladies, Your lot has suddenly become really difficult, especially those of you lucky enough to have crawled out from under the weight of Turkey Twizzlers to find gainful employment looking pretty and flashing your tits. I’ve no doubt you watched in dismay as your jobs vanished overnight, bringing joy to middle-class feminists who spend their lives railing against … Continue reading Dear Working Class Women