Still Seymour


For longer than most of us have been alive, Seymour Hersch has been an investigative journalist. His record is consistent. His politics may not match mine, but he has always exposed wrongdoing and crimes by American governments, the US intelligence services and US military.

He first started doing this by being the man who broke the story of the Mỹ Lai Massacre during the Vietnam War.

Back then he was a hero of the Left and the media world. He was during Watergate as well. His kind of investigative journalism is everything the Left think they are – rebellious, tenacious, unafraid, challenging arbitrary power, speaking truth to power.

Democracy dies in darkness, their banners scream. The Leftist media have always seen themselves as a light shining on our wickedness, on Western wickedness, exposing it.

They practically masturbate over the idea of the old Watergate era journos, who they picture as all looking like a young Robert Redford.

And yet today, doing what he has always done, Seymour Hersch is no longer a hero of the Left or a hero of mainstream legacy journalism. Remarkably, at 85 years of age, he is still breaking stories about American crimes. But today this makes him a conspiracy theorist. Someone, as another journalist put it, who has “really lost it”.

What happened? Rather, what changed?

The West-hating leftists are now in charge of the military-industrial complex. Men who dress as women are ‘admirals’. Weirdo dog mask fetishists are colonels. The CIA aren’t chasing down Reds, some of them ARE Reds. The CIA, FBI and Pentagon have all signed on to the woke worksheet of insane domestic policy or else.

And Seymour Hersch carried on being Seymour Hersch, regardless of this change. Which is why his shocking revelations regarding US and Norwegian responsibility for the Nordstream pipeline bombing, which you can read all about on his Substack, (an act of ecological terrorism and a war crime) won’t win a Pulitzer.

Get with the programme, old man.

Your lot are the imperialists, now.

You’re supposed to keep quiet and enjoy it, or if you really want to be a hero to the media again, you could at least cheerlead for it.

Daniel Jupp is the author of A Gift for Treason: The Cultural Marxist Assault on Western Civilisation, which was published in 2019. He has had previous articles published by Spiked, The Spectator and Politicalite, and is a married father of two from Essex.