Why We Should Encourage Downing Street Partying

BY STEWART SLATER Returning to Babylon from India, Alexander the Great marched his army through the Gedrosian Desert. Taking longer than expected, food began to run short, and water ran out. When it appeared that the glorious story of conquest would come to a tragic end under the baking Persian sun, some scouts returned to the army announcing the discovery of an oasis. As proof, … Continue reading Why We Should Encourage Downing Street Partying

Mere Role Play

BY JOHN NASH Humans have always been hunters (and many still are, for reasons of everyday subsistence, therapy, sport, field management, pest control and so on) and it is an unassailable fact that we were hunters long before we were humans. So, if I may, I would like to poke a word or two in edgeways through the waterfall of infantile, woke revisionism that cascades over … Continue reading Mere Role Play

Homage to Ayurveda in the Malvern Hills

BY ANTONIA FILMER Nowadays good health seems to be all about the microbiome, an eco-system of trillions of microbiota which inhabit the human gut; each person’s microbiome is unique and requires thoughtful management to avoid the many illnesses that can result from poor digestion. Some symptoms of microbiome imbalance include, bloating, food intolerances, bad breath, IBS, acid-reflux, candida, fatigue, auto-immune conditions and depression; Hippocrates was an … Continue reading Homage to Ayurveda in the Malvern Hills

The Truth About Hunt Monitors

BY SARAH GREENWOOD In the recent ‘Trail of Lies’ cartoon, produced by LACS and narrated by Chris Packham, there was an assertion that: ‘During a decade long study, hunt monitors reported that only 1% of so -called trail hunts lay a potentially genuine trail’. Hmm! Hunt Monitors! An interesting use of words. This appellation makes them sound like a peer reviewed group of people lawfully … Continue reading The Truth About Hunt Monitors

If Boris Goes, Labour Goes

CSM EDITORIAL The recent tweet by Lord Adonis that ‘if Boris goes, Brexit goes’ should merely remind so-called red wall voters that ‘when Boris goes and anyone half competent takes his place, Labour goes’. Remoaning caricatures like Adonis only play to their lounge – an echo chamber of increasing electoral irrelevance. He and the Gina Millers will be looked back on like the anti German … Continue reading If Boris Goes, Labour Goes

Spending the Money Thrice

BY JIM WEBSTER The whole system of farm payments is up in the air. To be brutally frank, this isn’t surprising. On a general, first world level, governments have blown so much money on the pandemic they are scrabbling behind the sofa for loose change. I would be surprised if, in five years’ time, any country hasn’t cut its agricultural support, or moved the money … Continue reading Spending the Money Thrice

Reforming Petschek

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Around this time of year some time ago I was sitting outside a café in snowy but sunny Prague overlooking the rather nondescript building of the Ministry of Industry, also known as Petschek’s Palace, near the top of the city’s Wenceslas Square. I remember happily puffing on a cigar being talked to by a superfluously chatty yet elegant Spanish acquaintance who thought … Continue reading Reforming Petschek

Fantasy Cartoon Cobblers

BY SARAH GREENWOOD Dear Editor, Having watched the recent ‘Disney’fied production narrated by Chris Packham about ‘fox hunting’, there are some comments about this ‘production’ I would like to draw your attention to: Overall, the Chris Packham et al portrayal of the countryside is misleading, claiming it is a place of ‘tranquility’ and ‘serenity’ with all creatures living in harmony, when it patently is not. … Continue reading Fantasy Cartoon Cobblers

On The Blair Knighthood

BY FRANK HAVILAND On the subject of Tony Blair’s knighthood, I feel it is important to disclose an interest: I loathe Tony Blair. Incidentally, I dislike Lewis Hamilton and everything he kneels for, but opposing his knighthood would never cross my mind; even if it is for playing Scalextric. No, there is something particularly sinister about our Anthony – which is why there is currently … Continue reading On The Blair Knighthood

How To Transform An Overgrown Garden

Whether you’ve recently bought a new house with a less than desirable garden, or if a long spell of disuse has led to your garden growing wild, taking the time to renovate the space and transform it can make you fall in love with your property again. However, fixing it can be a tough ordeal depending on how overgrown your garden has become. Here are … Continue reading How To Transform An Overgrown Garden

Dethroning Twitter? The Rise and Rise of GETTR

BY STOCKTON HEATH ‘RIP GETTR, 2021-2021’ gleefully wrote one mainstream Twitter blue-tick just months ago. Towards the end of last year Jason Miller’s social media platform indeed seemed fated to go the same way as previous Twitter alternatives such as Gab and Telegram i.e. downhill fast. In the instantaneous world of social media gratification ‘teething problems’ does not cut the mustard. You get just one … Continue reading Dethroning Twitter? The Rise and Rise of GETTR

A Prayer for the Persecuted

VICAR Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You are well and have enjoyed new year celebrations. Happy 2022! This week as we get back to normality after this Christmas holiday season, please let us dwell on those persecuted Christians. Around the world, many believers are persecuted – imprisoned, even killed – for their faith. Since Jesus laid down His life, 43 million … Continue reading A Prayer for the Persecuted

The Cancer at the Heart of Extremist Animal Rights Lunacy

BY JOHN NASH Dear CSM Reader.   You are probably vaguely aware by now that there is something very, very, wrong with this dying government’s attitude to rural matters.  After all, most people who make a living on or from the land thought they could rely on the Conservative Party for its down-to-earth policies – policies that once balanced the touchy-feely, self-centred anthropomorphic dreams of … Continue reading The Cancer at the Heart of Extremist Animal Rights Lunacy