The Left Has Disgraced Itself Over Israel

BY EFFIE DEANS There is probably nowhere in the world which has had such a long and on the whole successful experiment with socialism as Israel. In no other western country that I can think of are there anything like the kibbutzim in Israel. Here are small experiments in socialism which to various degrees put into practice the ideals of shared ownership, collective living and … Continue reading The Left Has Disgraced Itself Over Israel

Still Seymour

BY DANIEL JUPP For longer than most of us have been alive, Seymour Hersch has been an investigative journalist. His record is consistent. His politics may not match mine, but he has always exposed wrongdoing and crimes by American governments, the US intelligence services and US military. He first started doing this by being the man who broke the story of the Mỹ Lai Massacre … Continue reading Still Seymour

The Left Loves Murderers

BY BEN PENSANT Nothing upsets the modern left like murderers dying. And the last decade saw so many left-centric killers cark it that barely a month went by when St Jezza wasn’t summoned to impartially observe someone else laying a wreath for a misunderstood Jew-slayer he’d never heard of. Indeed, ever since affable fascists Kernel Gaddafi and Osama Ben Laden were unlawfully executed in 2010, … Continue reading The Left Loves Murderers

Gender Wars: Penguin Edition

BY FRANK HAVILAND Of all the pandemics the world has faced, equality may be the most dangerous. Not egalitarian principles or equal rights (which I fully support), but enforced equality: the notion that people must be equal. In the post-truth age, facts are only relative to the sympathy you can garner pretending to be offended by them; truth is out, social constructs are in. Intelligence … Continue reading Gender Wars: Penguin Edition

Illiberal Derangement

BY SAM WHITE Hate. Are you a hater? Perhaps a hate preacher of some variety? I’m veritably overflowing with hatred. Perhaps, to some limited extent, I even strive to spread hate. I think I may be in the act of preparing to disseminate hatred right now, by typing these words in the hope that they’ll be read, thereby furthering the corruptive agenda to which I … Continue reading Illiberal Derangement

A Lesson for the Left

BY JON ALEXANDER   So Marine Le Pen lost in her bid to become France’s next president.  Naturally, when she lost hundreds and thousands of aggrieved Feminists, anti-white, anti-rich privileged ex-bankers took to the streets to violently protest against this injustice? Don’t be silly. Not one word was uttered in protest. Neither French candidate was ideal, much like America’s election six months previously, but the reactions … Continue reading A Lesson for the Left

Goldfish Memory: The Left & Le Pen

BY SAM WHITE You can’t fail to have noticed a fair number of opinion pieces in the liberal media questioning why the left is in trouble, and how it is that right wing, populist movements are in the ascendant. Still lumbering creakily along in the wrong direction after the cultural upheavals of 2016, some cranky progressives remain blankly unable to recognise the staggeringly obvious. But French presidential candidate Marine Le … Continue reading Goldfish Memory: The Left & Le Pen

The Left Losing the Working Class

BY SAM WHITE Let me begin by saying there’s a minority on the left who have supported Brexit from the start: the Lexit contingent. This group have stuck to their guns on the issue of the EU. They’ve acted honestly and appear not to have been corrupted by the modern left’s attachment to politically correct identity posturing. But they’re a minority. The new metropolitan left, … Continue reading The Left Losing the Working Class