Illiberal Derangement



Are you a hater?

Perhaps a hate preacher of some variety?

I’m veritably overflowing with hatred. Perhaps, to some limited extent, I even strive to spread hate. I think I may be in the act of preparing to disseminate hatred right now, by typing these words in the hope that they’ll be read, thereby furthering the corruptive agenda to which I have malevolently subscribed.

When I say hate though, I’m of course referring to the word’s new definition. What it indicates now is a different opinion.

And when I say different, that means taking the left-liberal cultural consensus to be the norm against which all other ways of thinking must be categorised.

And when I say liberal, I mean illiberal, intolerant, and censorious.

But when the left-illiberals hear censorious they understand it as protective, and so they’re opposed to free speech.

Because free speech might lead to hate speech.

From hate preachers.

For haters who…


And anyway, the chain of reasoning goes, who would want free expression, except people who want to express something deplorable? Why could we possibly need the freedom to say anything we like? If an opinion has been proscribed by the PC-left, then it’s with good reason. It’s because it’s damaging. It might be far-right, lead to violence, and threaten the marginalised, who must be wrapped in cotton wool and treated like pets. The left requires those classed as marginalised to stay classed as marginalised, because if they (the marginalised) just get on with life—as they can—then they’ll be lost as a form of identity political currency.

The illiberal-left needs its bargaining chips, which is why it lashes out so viciously at minorities who step out of line and refuse to align with nominally progressive parties.

At the same time as free speech is redefined as hateful, the police and the CPS push the concept of hate crimes. And it should be pretty clear where that leads. Free speech and non-progressive opinions are hateful, and hate might just be a police matter, so you’d better be careful. And perhaps you might start to doubt yourself a bit. It seemed like a reasonable opinion that I held, but is it really..?

They keep saying that men are women, and that any deviation from that line is unacceptable. I know it can’t be true, but… what’s two plus two anyway? How many fingers are they holding up? How many lights are there?

And so hate, increasingly, just means anything the authoritarian-left disagrees with. And simultaneously, the idea that hatred is a criminal matter is drip, drip, dripped insidiously into the public consciousness.

Let’s take the example of women’s changing rooms being opened up to men, in the name of transgender rights. If you object to that, and take the (until very recently) uncontroversial view that changing rooms should be sex segregated, then you can be labelled transphobic. Transphobes are hateful, and somewhere in the background the CPS disseminates the notion that hatred is within their remit.

Now, I’m not suggesting plod will be kicking your door in because you said, “that’s just a bloke in a dress.” But we do have people thinking twice before expressing their true opinions. And it legitimises and emboldens the true bigots—leftist PC zealots—who will yell at and harangue anyone who doesn’t toe the ever more intrusive line.

And don’t forget we’re talking about the stigmatising of completely normal statements. Things like:

A man doesn’t become a woman just because he says he’s a woman.

Mass immigration has downsides.

The more Islam we have, the greater the security threat becomes.

Are any of those things untrue? Are they even particularly right-wing? I see no reason why any of them couldn’t sit comfortably in what used to be considered a fact-based, left-of-centre outlook.

It’s an absurd, purge-happy world that the modern left is creating. And recently, I think the best way to negate their shaming tactics is to embrace the labels with pride.

If they redefine dissent as hatred, then let’s take hatred as a badge of honour.

If you think women don’t have balls and men can’t get pregnant then they’ll call you a transphobe or a TERF. Well, OK then. Transphobe and TERF mean scientific.

What about xenophobic? As far as I can see, that now just means you favour living in an independent country which controls its own laws and has normal border controls.

Islamophobic? Means critical and secular.

The negative side to this is that a very small number of actual bigots will find it easier to avoid being identified as such, but that’s entirely the doing of the authoritarian left. They’ve taken important words and wrung out any last drop of their original meaning, and now we’ll all have to live with the consequences.

So here’s to being transphobic, a TERF, xenophobic, far-right, Islamophobic, and hate-filled. Or to put it another way, being someone who understands free speech, lives in the real world, and values common sense.