Unreconstructed Fantasies


My mind has recently been perplexing over the fact that a lot of my old muckers on the Left are stuck in a narrow ideological time-warp. Melanie Phillips outlined her journey and her escape from the Left and from woke Feminism in an interview recently where she describes it as a passage from a fantasy world to reality and the real world. Leftist utopian idealism has no truck any longer with the real world of science, biology, human nature – common sense as any sensible person would recognise it. Everywhere you look on the Left the thinking is full of social constructionist theories paraded as fact and the whole agenda is now riven with ludicrous contradictions.

Take Critical Race theory, which posits that racism is systemic and by implication unreformed and unreformable and only perpetrated by white people anyway. To suggest otherwise is to be ‘cancelled’ and censored in real time as I was recently in a discussion on Facebook about Black Lives Matter. The Leftist upstarts in Silicon Valley took it upon themselves to be judge and jury of what can and cannot be said by a white man on the subject. This suggested not only a very censorious and intolerant bent but also a defensive posture that seeks to deflect attention away from their racism.

It sticks in my craw to have middle-class privileged white ‘boys’ label me a racist for not towing the line on their group think, when they went to mainly white middle-class schools and grew up in mainly white middle-class areas – and I did not. Most of them know scant all about racism in my experience, apart from what they read out of a textbook. The only black people they know and mix with are the middle-class ones. Britain is one of the least racist countries in the world and a lot of effort has been put into bringing that reality about over the course of my lifetime. To suggest that it was all in vain and hasn’t worked is risible in the extreme.

Take Critical Gender theory, which posits as fact that there are multiple numbers of genders and sexualities, that gender is a fluid entity and that it’s fine to conflate same-sex sexual attraction with transitioning from one gender to another. Moreover, a person’s gender identity is what they say it is, without recourse to biological reality, which means that trans men are women and so it becomes legitimate therefore for biological, non-op men to compete in women’s sport, occupy women-only spaces and assume a status akin to real biological women. One of the key factors to notice is that this is nearly always one-way traffic. Women transitioning into men rarely opt to compete in men’s sports, and they don’t demand access to men-only spaces. Da Patriarchy is blamed by da sistas for all this, which is utterly ridiculous given that male Patriarchs are the most unlikely men to want to become ‘women’. The contradictions pile up.  Trans men who demand access to women’s spaces are unlikely to be acting out a patriarchal desire to dominate women, they are much more likely to be sufferers of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder – one where their ‘feelings’ and selfish ‘needs’ must be at the centre of everyone else’s attention… or else tantrums and condemnation and hounding ensues. ‘Transphobia’ is yet another fantasy word that gets thrown around like confetti, part of the ‘phobia’ slur which seeks to shut down discussion and pathologise those who seek a perfectly reasonable debate.  The admonition to use gender pronouns to be ‘kind’ is not reciprocal. The genuine trannies I’ve known over the years (ya know the post-op ones who actually transition and have suffered from real gender dysphoria,) recoil in horror at the way their condition has been weaponised and used as an ideological battering ram.  

None of this kind of spurious theorising is being thought through at all. It is based on unproven, unsubstantiated tropes that do not stand up to any rigorous scrutiny. But what is most egregious of all is the fact that the Left has not addressed its abandonment of the working class and its adoption of identity politics as a defining modality. This has been well-documented recently by labour movement figures like Mark Embery and his book ‘Despised: Why the Modern Left Loathes the Working Class,’ where he argues that the core values of small ‘c’ conservativism of patriotism, family and faith have created a huge rift between working class communities and the citizens of nowhere, metropolitan, globalist, Europhile Labour Party. Their sneering and morally superior posturing alienated their core vote and the result of the last General Election is the clear consequence. The refusal of the Left to acknowledge, address or even take any responsibility for this is just pathetic. Instead, they blame (oh, let me consult my list) racism, the right-wing media, the (mythical) rise of the ‘far Right’, Brexit, little Englanders, Dominic Cummings, (who we were all apparently dupes of), Blond Man Bad’s ‘lies’, Nationalism (which is OK if it is the Left-wing kind, i.e., the SNP, but utterly heinous if it’s the English kind,) being anti-immigration, wanting controls on borders, national sovereignty, prison sentences to match crimes, deportation of criminals who abuse our hospitality… the list goes on. In short, they blame everything and anything but themselves.

What is significant about this list is that it is all largely based on fantasy. Self-fulfilling fantasies about the supposed racism, homophobia, misogyny, and transphobia of the white working class. The fact that white working-class boys are labelled ‘problematic’ in this regard and are now the most educationally disadvantaged group by far in terms of education and life-chances is apposite and testament to the real-world consequences of the fantasies of a woke, middle-class educational establishment. The perniciousness of this is apparent and entirely self-serving.

So, what about me and my old muckers clinging to their fantasies about the world? Well, I have become persona non grata, a fly in their ointment, a traitor to their ideologically driven fantasies, a heretic to their orthodoxies. I have joined ‘the other side.’ Apparently. Of course, the complexity of what I think and the nuances of the journey I have been on is ignored because I am perceived to have committed the heinous crime of reconstructing myself in the light of events, developments, personal and political insights, and a raised awareness. I have committed the worst crime of all, an ex-peer who has joined the real world and become a grown up. Become a pariah who holds a mirror up to them and confronts them with a dilemma. Can you handle the real world or are you stuck forever in your unreconstructed fantasies?

Guest Writer Gary McGhee is a semi-retired screenwriter, loving the outdoor life with his partner in the Norfolk countryside. Gary was ‘red-pilled’ before it became fashionable, and believes in liberty, freedom, modernism, and defying herd-mentalities.