Andromono: The Gary McGhee Interview

The Squires interview one of our popular guest writers and contributors, author Gary C. McGhee, about his debut Sci-Fi novel ANDROMONO. What’s your background as a writer? I have had short stories published and won a literary Prize. I also wrote a novel which was well-received, but I decided to learn how to write screenplays for TV and Film as my natural writing style is … Continue reading Andromono: The Gary McGhee Interview

Diddly Squat

BY GARY MCGHEE There are three TV series being broadcast next year that I’m really looking forward to watching. One is the final series of Better Call Saul, the excellent spinoff from Breaking Bad, the other is the next series of the wonderful crime drama Vera, with the brilliant Brenda Blethyn, with sweeping shots of the stunning moorland countryside of Geordie-land, which has created a … Continue reading Diddly Squat

Descent to the Bottom

BY GARY MCGHEE The Trans Cult has been busily recruiting new members. They suffer from a particularly problematic malady called TSS. This is not to be confused with those other illnesses WSS, TDS, BDS1 and 2 and DDS, (see below) though the psychological disturbance involved has some similar characteristics in that it involves detachment from the real world, deep immersion into fantasy land and the … Continue reading Descent to the Bottom

Dystopia Derangement Syndrome

BY GARY MCGHEE There is currently an unfortunate malady afflicting British Left-Wing group-thinkers (I use the word ’think’ advisedly.) It runs thus: The Tories won a thumping majority at the General Election because the majority of We ordinary Brits are brainwashed by a right-wing media and are increasingly racist, homophobic, misogynistic, transphobic, hate Europe, are nationalistic and fascistic and prone to the overt influence of … Continue reading Dystopia Derangement Syndrome

Wind in Those Necks

BY GARY MCGHEE In the context of the way in which a lot of people on social media are cranking up the projection of their own anxieties and frustrations about Covid-19 onto our leaders, especially Boris, I thought I would redirect readers to my last article on Country Squire Magazine. Boris is being predictably assailed from the Left (BBC/Grauniad and Remainers/Rejoiners), but also from the … Continue reading Wind in Those Necks

Intersectionality Chickens Home to Roost

BY GARY MCGHEE Cluck, cluck. An almighty furore has developed between Muslim primary school protesters and Local Labour MP Jess Foghorn Phillips. If you didn’t know already she has ordered an exclusion zone be put around the school to prevent the demonstration from being outside the school. Meanwhile LGBT groups are also demonstrating about the right of gay relationships to be taught in schools, though … Continue reading Intersectionality Chickens Home to Roost

Decommission The Electoral Commission

BY GARY MCGHEE The Electoral Commission is both biased and pernicious. It is stuffed with Remainers who are clearly out to get Brexiteers, as evidenced by the vile persecution of Darren Grimes. Further clear evidence of this bias is outlined here by Jacob Rees Mogg. The occupation by Electoral Commission officers in the Brexit Party offices for SEVEN HOURS on the eve of the European … Continue reading Decommission The Electoral Commission

The Class Ceiling

BY GARY MCGHEE Mind your heads oiks, the Class Ceiling has lowered. Some ‘Arts Report’ produced by research Sociologists at Edinburgh University looking into the under-representation of groups in the Arts/Media was knocked out recently and titled ‘Where are the working class people?’ (We’re where we’ve been for a long time, Ophelia darling, at the back of the queue for the plum jobs and opportunities.) … Continue reading The Class Ceiling

The Elephant in the Women’s Room

BY GARY MCGHEE Deary, deary, me. 3rd wave ‘radical feminism’ is getting itself into a terrible pickle over this Transgender malarkey. Entertaining though it is from a feet-up, popcorn munching vantage point, it appears that it has got itself bogged down in a load of gender identity tit-for-tat with men in tasteless frocks, bad wigs and inconvenient dangly bits. To be or not to be … Continue reading The Elephant in the Women’s Room

Not the Only Gays in the Village

BY GARY MCGHEE It was three years ago when his nibs and I finally made the plunge. We’d talked about it, planned it, yearned for it and viewed property hither and thither. Then the day finally came when the financial ducks were all lined up in a pretty little row, ready to be shot at. So, we actually left the big shitty forever, and moved … Continue reading Not the Only Gays in the Village