Descent to the Bottom


The Trans Cult has been busily recruiting new members. They suffer from a particularly problematic malady called TSS. This is not to be confused with those other illnesses WSS, TDS, BDS1 and 2 and DDS, (see below) though the psychological disturbance involved has some similar characteristics in that it involves detachment from the real world, deep immersion into fantasy land and the overt triggering of the amygdala.*

The new variant of this mind disturbance are ‘gay men’ who go on social media to defend the latest crackpot ideas to come out of the Trans Lobby. This is because they are steeped in the ideological assumption that changing one’s gender has a lot to do with same sex attraction, when it really doesn’t. (‘Gay men’ is apostrophised because this identity is problematised in this world. See also ‘lesbian’, ‘bisexual’ and – dare one mention the word – ‘heterosexual’.)

Under the auspices of combating ‘Transphobia’ the TSS crew (by the way TSS is politespeak for Tossers) take it upon themselves to opine about the wonders of the Brave New World of Narcissistic Personality Trans Performative Liberation, (NPTPL) – the supposed final frontier, as it were, in the ongoing battle to overturn nature, biological reality, the hard-won freedoms of women, lesbians and gay men, the erasure and downgrading of same-sex attraction from the allowable parameters of socio-sexual discourse and the requirement to impose a new and confused language regime of gender pronouns and a lexicon of the sex and gender ‘spectrum’. The irony is that Trans is not actually the final frontier of this, but I digress. So let us consider these brave new discombobulations…

There are multiple, limitless numbers of genders and they are all as valid as each other. So being ‘straight’ or ‘gay’ or ‘bisexual’ is no more valid than being say ‘spirit animal’ or ‘pansexual’. I would add yet another, ’pseudosexual’, although that would be an umbrella term in this context. Not that it’s necessary to define what exactly these other genders actually mean. That would not do. To even ask would be transphobic, homophobic and, my favourite, whorephobic (add your own favourite in the phobia pick ‘n’ mix game.)  One might be inclined to question how the slur ‘phobia’ is thrown around like confetti and has somewhat lost its potency, although it does serve of course to shut down debate by pathologising those with dissenting opinions. That makes it a win/win in the current climate.

It is transphobic for ‘gay men’ not to have sex with men who have ‘vaginas’, or refashioned inverted dicks, to use a more technically correct descriptor. How dare lesbians insist that they’re not interested in dicks or straight men insist that they aren’t interested in other men’s dicks? The call by the vanguard TSS movement for straight men to stick ‘things’ up their bums has gone out and must be heeded, got that straightos? They go out of their way to prove their trans solidarity by advocating and acting on all of this and then post the results on porn sites and nice little earners on the pages of Only Fans. A girl’s gotta make a living, goddamit! There’s nothing new in this, of course. Butch men down the ages have used (lady)boys as substitutes for real women, but they tend to grow out if it and get married to, err, real women. The TSS crew however represent that strata of ‘gay men’ that have never grown up and are more than comfortable in their wanton immaturity – attempting to drag the rest of us down to their tawdry level.

These noble moral crusaders are quick to mob those who don’t conform, and they also go for easy targets. Young people and children are ripe for befuddling and malign influences, being not yet fully formed and susceptible to peer pressure, under the guise of ‘gender fluidity’ and ‘sexual experimentation,’ – advocates of the maxim ‘get ‘em young.’ Many young people these days are more sexually and emotionally confused than ever, and no wonder. I gather also that the bullying of young people for using the wrong gender pronouns is on the rise. When I was at school, I used to get called Maggie and Maggot and Cissy and Four Eyes and made to do interminable Kenneth Williams impressions. These days you get labelled ‘transphobic.’

TSS’ers promulgate the idea that there is NOTHING TO SEE HERE, that all this overturning of biological facts and realities, the overhauling of centuries of language and millennia of social and sexual organisation in the interests of a set of ideological abstractions and intellectual gobbledegook is not problematic at all. Add to that the misogynistic rewriting of feminist discourse and the decontextualising of gay male HIStory.

Recently, the halos of these Great and the Good of post-modern sexual transgression have slipped rather. Being advocates of sex with those who are rather young has tarnished their reputations somewhat. Gay men didn’t get where we are today by distancing ourselves from the age-old pernicious slur that we’re all interested in underage boys, oh no. THIS is the final frontier, duckies, the last piece of the project to undermine western civilisation from the inside. Trans is merely a steppingstone on that journey. How long before the ‘P’ gets added to the proliferations of the acronyms industry? 

The Trans Cult has not dragged these TSS’er ‘gay men’ into the murky depths of their agenda against their will. Oh no, they’ve gone along willingly. The opportunity to indulge their huge egos and saviour complexes is too good to resist. This syndrome mitigates against any real analysis or understanding of the implications of what they’re doing. Mediocre actors needing to maintain a flagging PR profile, ditto Z list of Johnny Smugface celebs, and failed politicians who jump on any old rickety bandwagon until the climate of opinion shifts. All are welcome, or rather coerced, because to make a stand against all this is to jeopardise and smear one’s lovely career and standing amongst the Wokerati. Get down on one knee and do as you’re told!

Another issue in the nothing to see here category is the idea that none of this affects us so why should we be against it? It doesn’t impact your lives say the TSS’ers. Well, except when you step out of line and question the ideology and don’t use the correct pronouns (which are ever-changing) and question the basic tenets of wokey dokey awareness pertaining to Trans determinisms. Then it becomes open season on your social media platform, the cancellation of heretics by targeting their livelihoods and generally trying to destroy people’s lives. Oh, and doxing and harassing people’s families and congregating outside Trans heretic houses and all manner of nasty fascistic behaviour that the Stasi and the Stalinists would be proud of. The KGBT and the Rainbow Reich are in full flow. Apart from that, nothing to see here, folks.

Guest Writer Gary McGhee is a semi-retired screenwriter, loving the outdoor life with his partner in the Norfolk countryside. Gary was ‘red-pilled’ before it became fashionable, and believes in liberty, freedom, modernism, and defying herd-mentalities.


WSS – White Saviour Syndrome

TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome

BDS1 – Brexit Derangement Syndrome

BDS2 – Blond Man Bad Syndrome

DDS – Dystopia Derangement Syndrome

*The AMYGDALA – The amygdala is recognized as a component of the limbic system and is thought to play important roles in emotion and behaviour. It is best known for its role in the processing of fear, although as we’ll see, this is an oversimplified perspective on amygdala function. It also stimulates knee-jerk and over-reactions.

Article dedicated to Loren Ring, formerly known as Lonnie, when she was a man. A beautiful friend of many years and a genuine transexual who was also a talented dancer and singer. R.I.P darling.

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