The Puppets


When I was a child my mum bought me some marionettes for Xmas. One was a frog and the other a caterpillar. I loved them at first and played with them a lot and did not favour one above the other, but I soon got bored with them because all they could do was jump up and down on strings when I pulled them.

I feel the same way now about mainstream ‘liberal’ western politicians. They are all puppets. They dance to the tune of the globalist elites, the corporatocracy of Big Tech, Big Pharma and Military Industrial Complex interests. They are in thrall to the aspirations of the surveillance Big Brother networks and sing from the same hymn sheet as supranational global organisations like the World Economic Forum, Davos, and the UN.

Consider ‘The Great Reset.’ First, they denied that this existed as a concept, but now they are openly expounding on it, promoting it in plain sight. Check out the recent speeches of most liberal western leaders. ‘Build Back Better’ and the ‘Green Deal’ are meaningless slogans, Prime Minister, but ones with a sinister undertow. As Paul Joseph Watson puts it, ‘They think we are stupid.’  

What do they mean by The Great Reset?  

Let us start with democracy. The key approach here is the ‘altering’ of the ‘checks and balances’ of ‘unfettered majoritarianism.’ For that, read that those pesky ordinary voters are unreliable, and liable to vote the wrong way – take anti-globalist Trump and Brexit. This error must be corrected so that it can be ensured that they vote the right way in future. In other words, democracy must be bought under control and be replaced by elite minority rule. The fact that this undermines the very concept and values of a liberal democracy is apposite. The centralising and neo-colonial attitude of the EU, and of Remainers, and the election fraud issues that are more apparent in western states where these things were anathema, but are becoming more accepted, comes into this category.

This is not a conspiracy as such, it is not as cohesive as that (yet). I think of it more as an elitist mindset that is increasingly pervasive and running out of control. They know best, dontchaknow. I am reminded of someone on Twitter who remarked that they were looking for some new conspiracy theories because all their old ones have come true. Let’s think of something the mainstream now considers outlandish. Bill Gate’s microchip insertions as part of Covid vaccinations anyone? The link between this and the roll out of Huawei’s 5G networks? Is your cell phone really your friend or is it designed to spy on you? I’m all in favour of ID for specific purposes like voting in elections and checking criminal records,  but have no confidence in the idea that governments,  technocrats, bureaucrats, police or corporations won’t use it to ‘check our thinking’ and share detailed personal profiles as a means of affecting our individual employment opportunities and evaluating social status analyses as a way of implementing more citizen-Smith style control. 1984, Brave New World and the work of Philip K Dick were meant as warnings, not instruction manuals.

Let us consider property ownership. Apparently, the aspiration is to end ownership of property. The implications for pension ‘ownership’ are also profound. We will get what we are ‘given’, not what we have earned. We will all rent what we need and get what we ‘want’ delivered by a drone. Who decides on what that is and what is available and at what price? Why, the corporates do. This links in with one of the most pernicious implications of the Great Reset, which posits Covid as an opportunity to undermine small and medium-sized businesses and allow the big boys to slurp up their business.

This is already happening.

The profitability of large delivery-based platforms has sky-rocketed at the expense of small retailers. How convenient that they do not have to buy this market-share, they just sit back and watch the High and Low Streets go bust.

Time was that one could set up a business to fill a niche, specialise, produce and market products more efficiently, but innovation and variety of choice will suffer as what is available is increasingly homogenised and circumscribed. This is already the case with the Arts, Media, and Sport, which must now conform to a ‘woke’ agenda.  The way in which governments have allowed small businesses to be strangled by Covid with scant long and medium-term recompense is a scandal. Lockdown must end now, but it won’t, will it? Because it is being hitched to the ongoing ‘fluid’ data and stats figures and so hovers like the sword of Damocles over the heads of businesses. This is no way to run an economy, but then isn’t that the point of the other globalist mantra ‘Creative Destruction’?

Next, let’s look at immigration and borders. People from Africa and the Middle East ‘fleeing’ war and famine only have the option apparently of moving to western democratic countries, particularly Europe. ‘Refugees’, most of whom are not schooled in liberal western values and traditions must be accommodated and be the recipients of our largesse. We must change our values at the behest of this and put up or shut up. Any other opinion is selfish and racist because ‘we’ owe them. Policies that suggest that they might be assisted in developing their own countries to be prosperous and produce abundant energy for their needs is just lip-service and window-dressing. In practice this is being side-stepped in favour of a patronising assertion of the need to import and ‘share’ new renewable technology with them, part of a neo-colonialist view of them as being incapable of developing for themselves. Patriotism and populism have become pejorative terms in this Brave New World.

Let’s not forget the Environment. We are being sold a pup regarding ‘renewable energy’, which will not supply the energy needs of growing populations. That is clear. However, it is a very profitable enterprise for large corporate energy industries ‘diversifying’ into new markets (dressed up as concern about climate change) and is also particularly useful as another tool of social control. So we get shouted at, brow-beaten and guilt-tripped into reducing our ‘carbon footprint’ and lectured about the need to restrict our habits of consumption and stop flying for fun, (that is plebs having the temerity to go on, shock-horror, foreign holidays), and drive ‘polluting’ cars and eat meat. This all happens to dovetail conveniently with Covid restrictions. The corporate and political elites of course are exempt from a lot of this because, well, they are morally superior to begin with, the new Central Committee Politburo. Read my lips. Nuclear energy is the only really viable way forwards to meet global energy needs of the future. It is expensive to set up and costly to run, but at least it will provide lots of jobs and produce an abundance of clean, accessible energy if arranged on a regional basis. No, far cheaper to cow the masses into massively restricting their freedom for the ‘sake of the planet’ which will still be here long after humans have become extinct, (which is a LONG way into the future despite the self-serving fear mongering  of the likes of the trustafarian fly-by-nights Extinction Rebellion) and/or superseded by cyborgs, super computers and AI robots.

The Paris Accord is an expensive, ill-thought out con, just another supranational carve-up cash cow of our taxes, with high and mighty aspirations that will not be met, and which has national schism issues down the line written all over it. China anyone? They do what is in China’s interests, not the world’s. So does the US, and Trump, bless him, passed on this expensive scam – Biden, if he survives the stain of an illegitimate Presidency and the likely putsch from  his own Left, is likely to reverse all that and get into bed with China for ‘diplomatic’ reasons. He will do the bidding of the globalists. China signed up of course, but at what political and economic cost to everybody else? There is no such thing as a Chinese free lunch to these CCP one-party State neo-colonialists. Zero Net Carbon by 2050? The whole agenda is overseen by the UN, who have become a by-word for ideologically motivated corruption, mendacity, and exclusion of nations that do not go along with their agenda. This is all at the expense of our liberties, lifestyles, and freedoms and which takes scant account of the future energy needs of developing nations and their right to enjoy the prosperity that we have had.

It is abundantly clear in the context of the above that the broad Liberal/Left have abandoned any pretence of supporting the working class. The ‘conservative’ Right mainly see opportunities to make a quick buck by riding on the coat tails of the latest fashionable trend and seem sufficiently spineless to be mired in the post-modern treacle of dystopian, idiotic wokery. These puppets are bent on undermining our hard-won freedoms and liberties under the banner of ‘progress’. Their shackling New World Order of technocratic authoritarianism must be fully exposed before it is too late.

Guest Writer Gary McGhee is a semi-retired screenwriter, loving the outdoor life with his partner in the Norfolk countryside. Gary was ‘red-pilled’ before it became fashionable, and believes in liberty, freedom, modernism, and defying herd-mentalities.

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