The Puppets

BY GARY MCGHEE When I was a child my mum bought me some marionettes for Xmas. One was a frog and the other a caterpillar. I loved them at first and played with them a lot and did not favour one above the other, but I soon got bored with them because all they could do was jump up and down on strings when I … Continue reading The Puppets

Populism – A Pointless Insult

BY JON ALEXANDER So, after years of screaming bigot, racist, nazi and a whole heap of other insults our way, the Left have decided to term “populism” as an insult.  A way to describe those who are easily led by the wrong ideas. The sort of people who don’t know what’s best for themselves and rely on the likes of Owen Jones, Laurie Penny and … Continue reading Populism – A Pointless Insult