Populism – A Pointless Insult


So, after years of screaming bigot, racist, nazi and a whole heap of other insults our way, the Left have decided to term “populism” as an insult.  A way to describe those who are easily led by the wrong ideas. The sort of people who don’t know what’s best for themselves and rely on the likes of Owen Jones, Laurie Penny and Jeremy Corbyn to tell them how to think and feel.

Patronising to say the least. More than that, it’s another attempt to undermine the legitimacy of what the world has achieved. Calling the grandchildren of war heroes who fought the Nazis by the name of the enemy is beyond the pale.

We are in the midst of a common sense revolution. Years of having the left preach at us, talk down to us and, in a lot of cases, openly deceive us whilst in positions of authority has led to people shrug off voter apathy and embrace opposing views.

Barack Obama was elected in 2008 as he was “popular”. He said and promised a lot of things that were popular.  But you see, left-wing populism is interpreted by the Left as policies that everybody wants regardless of whether they’ve asked for them or not. It doesn’t matter how low the voter turnout is or how many millions more voted one way or another. The Left stupidly assumes everybody wants the same. They start sentences with “we all want” without realising people – the vast majority – don’t think like them at all.

As soon as a right-wing politician becomes popular, he or she is divisive, they are seen as a back door for fascism to slip through and kill us all while we sleep and, all of a sudden, those pesky low turnout rates are an issue.

The current crop of right-wingers – the Farages and Trumps – are not divisive. They’re not the back door to fascism. Their policies are popular for sound reason:

The likes of Farage and Trump have been successful precisely because they listened, they didn’t try to shoot political opponents down screaming racist. They asked a perfectly reasonable question about immigration. They haven’t rammed political correctness down peoples’ throats. They have done well because people value that time and that feeling that someone actually wants to make their lives better – something a lot of mainstream politicians and “experts” seem to struggle with.

We simply wouldn’t be in this current state of affairs with Brexit or Trump had everyone felt included and represented.

Bad luck, Lefties…

These “populist” events will keep happening and those that rely on the BBC, CNN and The Guardian for their views will continue to be “shocked”, “horrified” and “appalled”. They will carry on labelling the populous who vote for these demagogues racist, bigoted and fascists because they still don’t get it.

You simply don’t get to sit there and exclude a whole group of people you don’t like, steal their freedoms, burden them with immigration they don’t want then demand they pay more taxes while expecting them to vote the way you want them to.


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