Asking the Wrong Question

BY STEWART SLATER The narrative, it is clear, has been set. It may be several years, and untold millions of pounds, before the Covid inquiry reports, but its conclusion is now obvious. Not in the sense of what it actually decides, but of what it will be thought to have decided. For, after the past weeks of testimony, it is certain that Britain had a … Continue reading Asking the Wrong Question

Europe’s Leadership Famine

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Ask anyone but politicians anywhere around Europe what they think of politicians, and you’ll get groans. You’ll also hear words like “low calibre” and “disconnected”. You’ll receive whingeing about “short-termism”, “career politicians” and “reacting only to polls”. There is no coincidence in this. In the Internet age we are all interconnected as never before, and politicians, under far too much scrutiny, are … Continue reading Europe’s Leadership Famine

The Once & Future PM?

BY STEWART SLATER Right, deep breath. Firstly, are you OK? It feels strange. I imagine a lot of you have been feeling like I have – shaken, troubled, let down, full of questions. I refer, of course, not to the nation’s favourite silver-haired gopher-botherer (and if you are upset about him, I suggest you grow up), but to its blond-haired feather-ruffler, Boris Johnson. For, as … Continue reading The Once & Future PM?

Three Interventions that Threaten the British Way of Life

THE CITY GRUMP Be not afraid, one of the 3 is definitely not the Montecito Moaners. They are but autumn leaves, soon to be blown away into the compost of history. We can rest easy. In no particular order, as they say on Strictly, the first is the sinister David Halpern (now a CBE to boot) who, almost unnoticed during man-child Harry’s media antics, made … Continue reading Three Interventions that Threaten the British Way of Life

The Scouring of the Shires

BY RORY CRANSTOUN In an episode of Chopper’s Politics, I was unfortunately reminded of Boris Johnson’s plan to usher in a so-called ‘green industrial revolution’ in Britain. Obviously another crypto-globalist fever dream poorly wrapped in Conservative paper, the Tory drive towards ‘net-zero’ is nothing more than another example of the all familiar promises to greenify our society. ‘Green’ public transport. ‘Green’ electric vehicles. ‘Green’ buildings; whatever … Continue reading The Scouring of the Shires

What a Carrie On

BY JOHN NASH Now that Boris is off, the good news is that Carrie Antoinette, ideologist and patron saint for eco-chuggers and wildlife scammers everywhere, will go with him. Hopefully too, in her expensive designer handbag, she will take with her the pet green, brown-nosed squawky-parrot, George Bloody Useless, Secretary of State for the Total Disregard of Rural People. Between Carrie, the little starry-eyed parrot and … Continue reading What a Carrie On

Adieu, Boris

CSM EDITORIAL Losing Boris is a great shame. His Premiership held so much promise in the eyes of those who helped deliver him his massive majority in December 2019, silencing the Remoaners and decimating Labour (which is still highly vulnerable, replete with Corbynite Britain-haters and rotten to the core). Back then one could not have predicted the Covid turmoil or Putin’s insane moves on Ukraine. … Continue reading Adieu, Boris

Don’t Panic!

BY STEWART SLATER “To lose one by-election is a misfortune, to lose two looks like carelessness.” Although widely predicted, there are signs that Conservative MPs, facing the loss of the highest-paid job most of them are “qualified” for, are rolling out their headless chicken impression or, in another avian metaphor, starting to think that by failing to dislodge the Prime Minister in the recent confidence … Continue reading Don’t Panic!

Lord Geidt’s Peculiar Wikipedia Entry

CSM EDITORIAL Last Wednesday night Boris Johnson’s ethics adviser, Lord Geidt, dramatically quit after conceding the Prime Minister may have broken the ministerial code over the Partygate scandal. In a statement released at the time, Geidt said: “With regret, I feel that it is right that I am resigning from my post as independent adviser on ministers’ interests.” Since his resignation Lord Geidt has been … Continue reading Lord Geidt’s Peculiar Wikipedia Entry


BY EFFIE DEANS There may have been some former Prime Ministers who were so saintly that everything they said and did in private in 10 Downing Street would have met the standards of probity set by Britain’s media, but I can’t think of one of them. Nor would I or anyone else that I have ever met want to be judged by the content of … Continue reading Mediaocracy

What Next?

BY JON ALEXANDER As Partygate continues to engulf the Tories, rumours now persist that a leadership challenge is likely to take place in the near future as it’s claimed that the 54-letter threshold has been breached to trigger a leadership challenge. The Tory faithful has started recycling all their old arguments used to keep Theresa May in post following her disastrous 2017 which saw her … Continue reading What Next?

Why We Should Encourage Downing Street Partying

BY STEWART SLATER Returning to Babylon from India, Alexander the Great marched his army through the Gedrosian Desert. Taking longer than expected, food began to run short, and water ran out. When it appeared that the glorious story of conquest would come to a tragic end under the baking Persian sun, some scouts returned to the army announcing the discovery of an oasis. As proof, … Continue reading Why We Should Encourage Downing Street Partying

If Boris Goes, Labour Goes

CSM EDITORIAL The recent tweet by Lord Adonis that ‘if Boris goes, Brexit goes’ should merely remind so-called red wall voters that ‘when Boris goes and anyone half competent takes his place, Labour goes’. Remoaning caricatures like Adonis only play to their lounge – an echo chamber of increasing electoral irrelevance. He and the Gina Millers will be looked back on like the anti German … Continue reading If Boris Goes, Labour Goes

In Liz We Truss?

BY JON ALEXANDER Could Liz Truss be our next Prime Minister? With Boris Johnson experiencing a rapid fall in popularity and a recent sizeable backbench rebellion, attentions have been diverted to who could be his successor. Step forward one Liz Truss, current Foreign Secretary and former Queen of the trade deals, a woman who has managed the unthinkable for politicians of late. She has just … Continue reading In Liz We Truss?

It’s For Our Own Good?

BY NOEL YAXLEY Imagine going into a restaurant for something to eat. You sit down and start to peruse the menu. Only for your order to be denied because your body mass index is too high.  Well that nightmare may soon become reality. This is the news that from January the government will be launching a new digital anti-obesity scheme. The HeadUp app will track … Continue reading It’s For Our Own Good?