Adieu, Boris


Losing Boris is a great shame. His Premiership held so much promise in the eyes of those who helped deliver him his massive majority in December 2019, silencing the Remoaners and decimating Labour (which is still highly vulnerable, replete with Corbynite Britain-haters and rotten to the core).

Back then one could not have predicted the Covid turmoil or Putin’s insane moves on Ukraine. If neither had happened, one wonders if Boris would now be gone.

Facts are better than ifs.

The reality is that in his past Boris failed at flogging kitchen tiles. Yes, he could sell London – alas, the marketing role that was Mayor of London did not translate Johnson competency into Prime Ministerial proficiency. Boris was a Prime Minister to get us across the line and smash parliamentary stalemate over Brexit in 2019 and, truth be told, he had served his purpose well when the exit poll was announced on Friday 13th December that year.

What followed was the mess which many predicted, and over which Ken Clarke chuckled when Boris’ name came up in discussions for the leadership in 2016. One crisis followed another, scandals emerged as soon as others had been dodged, while all along Net Zero and some mad policymaking on the countryside lost Boris and the Conservative Party popularity in rural areas. This was no ‘small c’ conservative Prime Minister, as taxes rose and the Big State grew.

What is needed now is a conservative-Conservative Prime Minister who cuts away at taxes and the State, returning our freedoms. We need a Brexiteer who can unite the party and the country while steering the economy tactfully through choppy waters. A Prime Minister who continues where Boris’ team left off on neutering the BBC and reuniting Northern Ireland into the UK.  Someone with the guts to admit the errors of giving independence to Ofsted and the bottomless pit of the NHS – someone who cares enough about civil liberties to draw in on some of the nonsense still lingering from EU days, which has seen the IRA and other despicable entities abuse and rob the British Government in the name of human rights.

Boris is right – the future is golden. So, who will take us there?

That person should be the right man or woman for the times.

A final round of Mordaunt V Tugendhadt could be worse.

It is time to skip the worn and tainted – to distance from the current fatigued and battered ‘A’ team – and look towards the future with fresh eyes and renewed hope. Cut the red tape, turn the UK into the safest harbour for investment, drain the socialists of any hope and then we shall all prosper.