Casting Light on Stalkers’ Smears


I am proud to say that I have been up the nose of the Leftwaffe for many years. Those who know me will also know of my stalkers who have, perversely and obsessively, tried to disrupt my life at every juncture – by contacting everyone I know, smearing me and trying to be a general pain in the rear.

Alas, that’s the way of the 21st Century – at least so far.

The Far Left and other extremists try to cancel, to smear and to kill the messenger when Truth bombs explode all over their hypocrisies and lies.  

I tend to not comment on smears. Why climb into the gutter when one can live one’s life on a higher plane? I let my lawyers and the police deal with these fruitcakes whenever they cross the line and merely keep a log of their screenshots, poison pen letters and other malicious activity.

Frankly, I do not give a damn what the Leftwaffe say about me. I tend to wear their ongoing obsession with me as a badge of honour. Despite their smears, those people who are close to me know I have a pristine enhanced DBS certificate, love my country and follow its laws, and will not be stopped doing my work or enjoying my life by a bunch of unemployed lowlifes who only get out of their dusty attics once a month – to collect their clozapine prescriptions.

Today, under pressure from colleagues, I have now publicly and in real detail, dismantled the smears which have been levelled at me since the Packham case started. The highlights video is a short one:

The main video interview is a very long one and I can understand why one would prefer to watch paint dry. Nonetheless, the video does dissect forensically the various smears that have been thrown at me:

I thank my inquisitor. I thank the continuing efforts of my lawyers (unrelated to the Packham case) who are dealing with this unwanted attention. Also I thank the police who have taken their precious time to sift through screenshots and other filth related to those perpetrating these smears and other attacks.

A message to the perps:

Lux sit.



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