The Innocence of Mary Chipperfield

BY NIGEL BEAN (& PAUL READ) Imagine you’re a famous animal trainer from a world-famous circus dynasty stretching back 300 years. Now imagine your mother is in critical condition in hospital and your close friend, confidante and the person you could rely on most to look after your beloved animals is dying of cancer.  To compound matters, your daughter is having problems of her own … Continue reading The Innocence of Mary Chipperfield

More Public Service Philanthrocapitalism

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Overhearing conversations in a restaurant is impolite. Nonetheless, it’s impossible not to. And far too frequently one hears “the Government must do this” and “the Government should pay for that”. Alas, I do not possess sufficient copies of Thomas Sowell to plonk down on the tables of these statists to change their collectivist tunes. (That’s the last time I book a table … Continue reading More Public Service Philanthrocapitalism