How to Nobble the Antis


As someone who has endured over a decade of smears from Hard Left privilege-checkers, I know more than most their weaknesses – and how to cripple them. In the case of the antis, I bear no personal grudge as neither work nor fishing permit me the time to hunt or shoot, however it doesn’t take much of a study of both sides of the hunting/shooting argument to see where evil most collects.

Like the Corbynites, the anti-hunt crowd have a well-funded operation based on crowd-funding and membership fees, which they slosh around ‘charities’ and via companies under the guise of doing good. There are plenty of gullible and useful idiots out there who the antis mine repeatedly for cash. That cash they then use to run eye-catching campaigns across social media using well-cut (in the case of the antis, often faked) videos about animal cruelty designed to tug at the heart strings. These videos in turn generate more cash and recruits. Perhaps more importantly, collected funds give antis the opportunity to enlist the help of bendable journalists and academics; to establish their political base, by co-opting politicians, some of whom are in dire need of bandwagons, publicity and a regular, fat lunch.

The Corbynites’ four weaknesses were apparent back in 2016 – antisemitism, infighting, leadership and ideological rigidity. Many joked about the People’s Front of Judea – how the Hard Left enjoyed meetings about meetings and wasted many hours discussing committees about committees. The antis are cut from the same cloth of privilege-checking class-warrior just that their motivations are even more heart than head – more emotive – than the motivations of Corbynite revolutionaries. For those doubting antis’ class warrior credentials, ask yourself why are they not camped outside halal slaughterhouses* or protesting about roadkill outside Ford and Nissan car plants?

To cripple them is hardly rocket science. They are especially bottom heavy in unworldly apparatchiks. Like all Marxian outfits, money captivates them. Infiltrate them, expose them, reveal the falseness of their figurehead – then you will defeat them.

Infiltrating the antis has already happened. They are as punctured as a Swiss cheese. Lockdown has seen them move almost wholly online. You are welcomed into their chats and fora with open arms. Prizing away key cadres – as the Countryside Alliance have done with the bonus prize of ex-LACS Director Jim Barrington – helps scan the field and reveals further vulnerabilities. Yes, more (safe and legal) infiltration is needed. It is great to see the otherwise occupied security services showing some interest via LASIT.

Exposing the antis can be done very simply by building a network chart which links antis to their institutions, competing sab units and – most importantly – to their key compromised politicians and journalists. This was done highly successfully with the Corbynites and the Hard Left and, as well as stopping them in their tracks with mole paranoia, it gets right up’em. Of course they will dismiss the chart, even put together by centrists, as some kind of far-right conspiracy – as in the case of the Corbynites – but it’s the truth of the chart that kills them. They cannot deny the truth of each link, nor can decent journalists. Whichever way anyone clicks on the chart the antis are denuded. Best of all, the politicians who have aligned with the antis suddenly see just how few network dots of cadres they are away from criminals and terrorists. Despite their penchant for free lunch, they will sever anti ties overnight. Newspapers will pressure anti-friendly staff. Members of the police force who have joined the antis’ cause will lose their jobs. The Charity Commission will launch investigations into antis’ ‘charities’. Anyone on the public payroll is put under immense pressure by the exposé and the network soon frays while infighting ensues. The retired services – police and military especially – are highly respected in society, especially up north, and spend a lot of time on their fora, where details of exposés and the chart should be published in full. Word will soon spread like wildfire in towns and villages about the Britain-hating antis with their terror links. As soon as the untrustworthiness of these characters becomes apparent, so the public will become wiser and spot who lies behind crowdfunders and social media videos, putting their finances in peril.

Truth is too heavy a burden for those who operate nefariously – just ask Carole Cadwalladr – and should never be underestimated.

Invariably these type of movements always have their false Messiah. In the case of the Corbynites their false JC was JC himself. Corbyn was soon peppered in the mainstream press and – from smelling of roses to too many in 2017 – by December 2019 he smelt of the sewer he came from. Corbyn was linked by sound evidence to all kinds of terrorists, anti-Semites and other bigots. In the case of the antis there is Chris Packham. His greatest strength and weakness is his BBC role, then there’s his mistaken sense of untouchability – as shown by his recent and very public tiger scam. Knock out Packham and the antis’ PR tree withers overnight. As the BBC becomes more accountable and markedly less funded, expect Packham to face increasing pressures anyway which will constrain his efforts further while shining an increasing spotlight on his numerous lies and deceits.

As the sinister antis’ network gets uncovered – no-one need be singularly responsible for the network chart becoming ubiquitous – the tide will turn against these crowdfund-dependent grifters and criminals.

So, why reveal such a suggestion for tactics here in the pages of Country Squire Magazine?

Aside from the antis, the resistance to this article will come from those who argue that publishing the route to destroying the antis is counter-productive – that they will go underground. That is baloney – the antis already think they are underground. In 2020 “underground” no longer exists. Breaching their lairs, given new technologies, is much easier these days. No one is hidden – certainly not publicity-dependent antis.

There may be some who argue that coming down so hard on the antis – just as the Corbynites were heavily pounded – is undemocratic. Do you think that these groups behave democratically? Do you think that after their desired revolution they will bestow on their opponents any rights? Tyranny needs smashing at source. Squeeze the antis until they squeal – until their fakery, fraud, paying for rent-a-gob evidence and lining the pockets of left-wing politicians ceases. Let a moral and law-abiding replacement of anti-hunting represent their views on animal rights once this present rabble is exposed and crushed for good.

What are the chances of the network map happening?


You see, in the end, despite louder voices too often trying to drown out other voices, the Countryside of Britain has often demonstrated togetherness and in recent years has enjoyed rediscovering its spine. The antis are a pimple on the butt cheek of the triple goddess Diana. As Acteon discovered when he was torn to shreds by hunting dogs – the goddess of the countryside and hunting never remains vexed for too long. 

Dominic Wightman is the Editor of Country Squire Magazine.

* It was suggested that I add Jewish stunning to this list. I do not know enough about the practice but keep an open mind on the matter and am willing to learn more. Any omission was not politically intentional in any way.

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