Gove’s Torbay Countryside Champion Opportunity

CSM EDITORIAL On 6th December 2017 Country Squire Magazine published “All Eyes on Torbay” highlighting the fact that Torbay Council were in danger of chalking up an ignominious first – a refusal to re-designate Neighbourhood Forums. Fortunately, Country Squire can now reveal that on the 7th December 2017, in an atmosphere demonstrating massive public support, sense prevailed and, in the presence of a significant number … Continue reading Gove’s Torbay Countryside Champion Opportunity

Are Motorway Embankments & Rewilding the Same Thing?

BY DAVID EYLES What are the ecological benefits of rewilding? To be honest, I do not know the answer to my own question. It isn’t as if I haven’t looked for the answer. I have asked the rewilders to provide hard evidence for the support of their claims, and I have received none. I have speculated here, for example, as to what the changes might be … Continue reading Are Motorway Embankments & Rewilding the Same Thing?

What’s Rewilding & Who’s it for?

BY DAVID EYLES For some time now, I have been searching the fogs and mists in the outer reaches of the conservation movement in an attempt to give shape and meaning to the term Rewilding. In wrestling with the dream-like world of rewilding, the more I read, the more it becomes a fantasy built upon an illusion. Background There is a strange fluidity about the distinction … Continue reading What’s Rewilding & Who’s it for?

The Pointlessness of Public Consultations

BY NIGEL BEAN Did you know if I contribute to the latest public consultation in Scotland on the Wild Mammals Act (2002) it will be my fifth submission in two years to a UK government review? All these submissions I have made are to defend field sports and animals against animal rights fundamentalists. These fundamentalists are forever looking at ways to abuse and intimidate a … Continue reading The Pointlessness of Public Consultations

The Rural Pinch

BY NICK PEARCE Britain’s rural-dwelling heating oil customers are expected to really feel the pinch over winter months this year. Research by the price comparison website Boilerjuice has found that households in Britain’s rural communities spend nearly £3,000 a year more on everyday essentials – like petrol and groceries – than those living in towns and cities. The Boilerjuice research indicates that year-on-year rural inflation … Continue reading The Rural Pinch

PETA Have Lost the Plot

BY BEN EAGLE People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have lost the plot. A couple of weeks ago a representative from their organisation appeared on ITV’s This Morning programme with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to ‘inform’ viewers that sheep shearing is an inherently cruel practice and should be banned. Elisa Allen called on viewers to stop buying and wearing wool and instead … Continue reading PETA Have Lost the Plot

Countryside & the Mind

BY RICHARD DEAN The Victorians recommended a brisk walk in the countryside or beside the sea for those who suffered from depression and melancholy. Now, it seems that research has proven their advice to be sound. Being outside in the countryside has huge benefits for people suffering with mental health issues, research reveals. A three-year study by experts at the University of Brighton has found … Continue reading Countryside & the Mind