Who Killed the Sea Eagle?


The second year in a row and we find a bird of prey conveniently turns up dead two weeks before the grouse shooting season starts on 12th August. Last year it was a Hen Harrier caught in a trap – an incident that appears to have been staged to catch the headlines; an incident carefully designed not only to coincide with the grouse-shooting season but also the release of the Alan Werrity grouse moor management review.

This year it’s a poisoned Sea Eagle, apparently found in March 2020 but, due to COVID 19 restrictions, police have only just got around to requesting public assistance in finding the culprit. Of course the antis’ social media accounts are buzzing.

So the police have investigated and cannot find any evidence against the owners of the grouse moor where the Eagle was found dead. That’s the long and short of it. This leaves two remaining possible suspects – a farmer might be seeking vengeance at losing lambs because sea eagles take lambs and the killing happened during the lambing season, or it’s yet another famous animal rights setup.

Wild Justice and its three protagonists, Chris Packham, Mark Avery and Ruth Tingay, are already busily conducting a trial by media. They are encouraging a social media pile-on and requesting people write of their disgust to the Scottish Government and “to add your voice to the outcry over the death of this young eagle”.

Acting as judge and jury in a Wild Justice newsletter, they encourage people to swarm Nicola Sturgeon (First Minister) and Roseanna Cunningham (Environment Minister) with comments. This is targeted at the antis’ blind and useful idiots. Why? Because anyone paying any attention to the Wild Justice newsletter will read a very important note:

Although the details of this death aren’t fully known”

Despite Wild Justice’s very obvious admission that evidence of what happened to the Sea Eagle is missing and the culprit has not been found, they still give advice on what to write to the Scottish Government:

“You might want to say what you think should happen: ban driven grouse shooting? License all shooting of wildlife? Increase police resources?”

Social media pile-ons are typical of animal rights extremists and activists. They have successfully weaponised pile-ons and swarming in the past to close down or harass businesses and individuals. Both tricks are dishonest – the antis use an army of fake names and social media accounts, hiding behind dozens of aliases. If one activist sends a hundred emails, how is a politician supposed to know they are dealing with just one possessed nutcase?

Activists are happy to use any means at their disposal, legal or otherwise, to achieve their goals and will readily manipulate a gullible public to raise funding in the process. Free money is better than working for a living after all. But the dishonesty that Packham, Avery and Tingay seek to promote by working up their squadrons of hotheaded vulnerables is beyond the pale.

Any of you antis who know what happened to the Sea Eagle, please write in confidence to the editor editor@countrysquiremagazine.co.uk or otherwise please contact the police.