A Common Strategy

BY EFFIE DEANS The current Pro UK electoral strategy amounts to the Scottish Conservatives continually banging on about independence to scare the Pro UK vote into voting for them. Labour meanwhile tries to ignore independence in the hope that former Labour voters forget that it is still officially a Pro UK party. The Lib Dems hang on in the North, but are now a dismal … Continue reading A Common Strategy

Gamekeepers’ Body Cams & Dashcams

BY STEVE GRANT Body cameras and dashcams for gamekeepers. Have things descended to this? As reported last week, BASC revealed the results of a new survey which showed almost two-thirds – 64 per cent – of gamekeepers across the UK have received abuse and threats purely because of their occupation. Among the 1,000 responses to the survey are shocking reports of gamekeepers receiving death threats … Continue reading Gamekeepers’ Body Cams & Dashcams