A Letter to My Really Creepy Stalkers


Dear Timothy and Richard,

It’s been a while.

On police advice I have diligently kept quiet for over a decade now while my lawyer has amassed a log of your crimes against me, hoping for the day when legislation would catch up with your methods. Today I have decided to speak out as it’s important that the recent escalation in your unhinged and creepy behaviour is nipped in the bud and that the public know who and what you are – also that they see what I have been up against all these years.

I see Tim that, characteristically self-destructively, you have published an old and leaked copy of Pack Gaslighting, a report commissioned about your behaviour which the public can now read online should they have the time or inclination to do so, so they can see in black and white via your verifiable and damning tweets what wickedness you and Richard have got up to. To read the report someone has uploaded an unupdated version here.

Obviously you have completely lost traction over the past decade, Tim, as back then you were one of the first recognised political bloggers and had some sway before various breakdowns and your several manic resentments sapped you of any influence. This was never about politics though was it, Tim? Richard, you have never had any sway save via certain high profile Twitter persons who did not care to look behind your tweets about conspiracy and religion, which of course seemed rational enough alongside the low-hanging quacks and religious fruitcakes they ridiculed. Your cover is now well and truly blown.

I’d like to start this letter with ‘I trust that you are both well’ but now, after 12 years of your stalking of me and my young family, I know officially that regrettably – through no fault of your own of course – you both suffer from apparently legitimate mental health problems which are the only reason why you have not been jailed thus far. That’s some defence. I was very sorry to hear about this, it gave me some perspective into your antisocial activities, and I genuinely wish you well, but this is no excuse to carry on with your trolling and stalking bullshit in the way that you do.

It’s important other people know the reality of your situation, so they learn to understand why you behave as you do.

I simply couldn’t understand at first why the PINs, recorded interviews and warnings were not accumulating into a charge. Then a police officer told me that the CPS had lobbed both of you in the Mental Health ‘bin’, saying that getting a prosecution against you – which would be straightforward if you were not both recorded as being mentally ill – would be too uphill. What a failing system we have, so desperately in need of reform! I thought you’d at least be potted for perverting the course of justice or rumbled for conspiracy perhaps when your electronics were seized, but no – your health seems to have given you carte blanche to perpetrate all kinds of delinquency which I find altogether outrageous and troubling. Above all I find the situation tragic. We have all been let down by current processes which clearly need rejigging.

I see you Tim as an old version of the psychopath Ed Porter in Piers Brosnan’s 2016 thriller, I.T. Richard, I see you as Colin Robinson from What We Do In the Shadows. It is important that you see the effects of your actions on your victim and appreciate how they picture you.

I have been left with the civil option of taking injunctions out against both of you, which I think I might do now, as your unanswered rants, Tim in particular, have sounded more menacing than usual of late and certain experts seem to think that you could very soon be a physical danger to me. I hope they are misreading the data. You are blaming all of your life’s failures on me when, sorry, I only met you twice, and your malfunctions started many years before we met, as those once close to you kindly confirmed. Furthermore, I’m not interested in you in the way, for whatever reason, you are obsessed by me – I can readily live without you, virtual or real, like a man can live freely without tinnitus or piles.

Richard, you are getting increasingly vile and twisted, and I worry far more about you than Tim, as you seem to think about me – again I have no idea why – night and day. I get screenshots of your tweets each month from a colleague before they head to the lawyer as I cannot bring myself to see these images alone each day or week. I am a tough fellow, but I have become an ostrich to your daily drip-drip of abuse which is ever more venomous and warped as you age. You seem an endless well of poison for a tank-top-sporting librarian and Pooter of Notes. I cannot think why, but is it something sexual perhaps, Richard, underpinning your gaslighting of me? I’m a middle-aged Dad in tweed with a leg full of metal, hardly anyone’s idea of Adonis! A lack of a father figure? It can’t be all about my privilege as you’ll find better quarry in others far more privileged than me. Is your stalking of other victims – particularly vulnerable blonde women – sexual also? We victims – it’s quite a group now – are all non-plussed, frankly. Since you questioned me all those years ago, giggling while asking me as soon as we met if I was Jewish, you have come across as a very queer fish indeed.

As you well know I blocked you both yonks ago, yet clearly you still gorge on all I post and regularly try to break into my and my family’s social media and email accounts. Yes, your armies of trolling sock puppets seem to find a way of eventually cutting through, despite me spending a fortune on security and depriving my children of time online. Then when you get busted you blame the sock puppeting on me. That’s how sophisticated tech-savvy trolls like you operate apparently. Perversely. Blaming the victim. Where do you find the time, I wonder? You both tweet every few minutes. I understand that you need to think that you are causing a reaction – that is your oxygen – living your life through your victims. Well, I’m afraid the reality is rather more banal…

Sometimes I lose five minutes of my day getting round whatever the problem is that you have put in my way – a malicious complaint to Companies House, a Twitter suspension based on mass reporting of non-existent rule infringements or adding of fake followers or likes, a friend or colleague up in arms because you managed to pour poison down their ear and twist them against me, yet another baseless complaint about some website to the Advertising Standards Authority. The unsigned letters you send to my work colleagues take maybe an hour or so to sort as do the letters and mailshots from charities my friends and colleagues receive at their houses in my name after you signed me up to street chuggers using their home addresses. I’m now quite used to the junk mail bombs and tracers. The threatening message along with the heart pills packet (presumably yet another grim and oblique reference to my father’s sudden and early passing) that you left on the gate of my home took a while longer to report and log – that really upset my family, you know. I know it was you. It could only be you. Of course you deny all of this, but the accumulation of evidence does not lie and now there’s sound stuff out there on the Web about you that people can quickly reference showing the litany of incidents you have perpetrated against multiple stalking targets.  

I hear that Sussex police spocks refer to you as a ‘professional troll’, Richard. You must be proud that you are operating at the top of your game? How are professional trolls remunerated these days on Monster.com? I see that you have stopped retweeting Tim’s recent rants. Possibly because of the last police warning, which was a tad serious, no – coming from Counter Terror no less? Or are you too feeling the pressure of the looming anti-troll malicious comms legislation that Minister Nadine Dorries – another of your ill-chosen victims – is working on? Personally I am against most of it as having you in my life without permission over all these years has been a burden but not enough to build nets that will no doubt ensnare collateral innocents. And no, I am not working as the Minister’s cyberstalking expert – only in your paranoid imaginings. Or are you worried also that Tim might actually escalate and get physical? Is that why you have suddenly detached from your partner in crime? He’s a big old unit. His penchant for burning things caught my attention as I know it caught yours – which is why my family address is now no longer known to either of you despite your desperate attempts to find it, why my car registrations are listed with the police, and why my children are never photographed in school events or feature on school websites. We all know what you both look like and to watch out for you. You’re ‘Daddy’s stalkers’. Does that make you feel fantastic and significant – barging into the lives of an eleven and thirteen year old –  or does that make you hate yourself even more?

12 years…

That is a hell of a long time, lads.

Have I been worth all those hours of those lost years for you?

There has been a lot of pain in that time, and I am very confident in saying most of it has been on your side despite you being the ones wishing to inflict it exclusively on me.

Has it helped any of us? Now there’s a good question.

In some ways you have taught me to run a tight ship operationally and that has been useful. You’ve made me set up structures you can never see or find, always trailed by chaff to befuddle you. You’ve separated fake loyalty from lifelong and sound. I now have the hide of an elephant which I find invaluable in just wars. I have leant into the fear. Also the irritation that you kicked off in me I have come to channel positively, and how it has helped my work and focus of late. But of course – sorry to say – I’d rather that you did not exist in my life at all, and that I had been stalker-free this last decade. After all you have done to me I feel we can never be friends, but I still like to think that no human being is entirely good or bad. Maybe I am too much of an optimist.

How will this ‘feud’ – you sometimes downplay your behaviour to the police as merely a ‘grudge’ or ‘political pie-throwing’ – end?

Do you plan to murder me? Is that the endgame?

Will you poison my pets or further harm my family? When you were parked outside my Devon property the other year, Richard, trying to ‘crack’ my home Internet connection, did you not itch to pop in for a quick sniff around? Whichever one of you left that note on my gate that sunny day a couple of years ago, did you come down the drive and ogle at us in the garden? That might have got your adrenaline flowing, no? I know Tim’s long-range camera has come in useful to you both in the past at around the same time you manipulated Tim’s girlfriend to ask a schoolboy what Nadine Dorries’ daughter was like at his school. I often wonder when I’ll find you in my office car park, popping up with a kitchen knife on the back seat of my car, or loitering at a school event. Let’s hope those nightmares never materialise. Please do us all a favour and stay weapon free. Your anonymous messages via the contact page of the magazine are very noticeable, and I do wish you didn’t send them – the ip addresses mark you out as the obvious senders for the proxies and your verbiage of undiluted hate. The writing is far superior to that of the animal rights shower whose apostrophe use is as deficient as your new ally Chris Packham’s reverence for Truth.

Well, it does not have to be like this, gents. You are clearly miserable and still tilting at windmills even after all this time. Perhaps it is not fair that I am the only one of us who enjoys contentment in life, but we are what we are – it is what it is.

Things can get better for you, you know. It’s not too late.

So, let’s end this campaign of yours…

As you know I am a Christian. Not an exemplary one by any means, but I am a Christian, nonetheless. And even as a Christian I’ve now got rather tired of following police advice, which has turned out to be nothing more than turning the other cheek for you to continually slap while UK stalker legislation has tried to catch up with your technical expertise and mental afflictions.

Like some kind of martyr I’ve kept quiet all these years while you’ve blogged and tweeted poppycock about me from your dusty attics, trying at every opportunity to turn people against me. Keeping a log – now that I know you are both mentally ill – has ultimately been futile. I’ve put out the fires you tried to light within the Conservative Party, among colleagues, clients and friends – all of whom, except the opportunistic ones, fully understood your smears were mere smears and that you were just bitter and sick. Tim’s search engine optimising of smears I could not keep up with and I found this most annoying, but clients and colleagues learned fast that they were working with me + stalkers so got used to your deviancy. The latest ‘sin’ of mine that you seem now so fixated upon – occasionally standing in for the Vicar on Sundays on Country Squire Magazine and daring to offer readers a kind-hearted prayer – I really cannot see the problem with, but then I do not hate myself nor wear your spectacles of loathing. I suppose if I hated myself as much as you do then I might be truly appalled that I occasionally step in for Reverend Nigel when he feels unwell. For the record, unwell is something men dying of cancer tend to be every now and again. Where’s the scandal exactly in that? It is not that I offer baptisms or exorcisms or sport a cassock and dog collar – I occasionally copy and paste a prayer!

So, as a Christian, although I will find it a very hard thing to do after what you have inflicted upon me and my family over the years, I think we should try to forgive and forget. It may be a long shot, but it will be better for us all. Life is short. Also, police time is precious. I am in my forties now, and you are in your fifties, and I do not want you spending your latter years so full of bile on my account – as burnt-out serial bullies – because you have imagined me into a monster I have never been nor have the time or inclination to ever become. You will find I am not the ‘Moriarty’ type figure that you refer to, just as we all know you are neither Holmes nor Watson – dare I say, more a Clouseau and Cato combination but without the appeal.

So, having discussed this matter in depth with the authorities, I shall now have an independent mediator appointed to approach you and your case workers to establish the terms of an agreement to bring about lasting peace.

This will not be an excuse for you to ask me dozens of idiotic questions about vicar articles or disgruntled former staff – these are in themselves an invasion of my privacy and you have no right to press your noses against the windows of my private life. I am not a public figure. Nor will it be a chance for any sex, Richard, or to evangelise me with your Incel beliefs. At a neutral venue, we will simply listen to the mediator and sign a standard agreement in front of security staff. The agreement will mean we stay away from each other forever. You go your way, I go mine and that’s it. We can even shake hands and exchange eye contact if you’re man enough. Let’s bring a hip flask each – teetotal Tim can have tea – if that helps calm our nerves. Then let’s walk off, having signed up to a lasting peace.

Failure to take up this legally-binding offer will be looked down upon by the police and the courts – whose time you have wasted frequently already. The public now know that this stalking issue exists, has lasted since 2009, and who the individuals involved are.

If I end up getting maimed or slaughtered by either of you, the authorities can look at this letter (with you, Dear Readers, as my witnesses) and at my lawyer’s logs, legislating better for the future, so no more victims of mentally ill stalkers suffer the same fate. I am not suggesting by my actions that this is the best course for people in similar positions and I would ask that you ask for professional advice from experts. I am saying that after all these years of being told to ‘remain silent and keep a log’ by police who are too keen to avoid these complex issues, I have decided to take this course of action off my own bat, for better or worse, because I see no other way to avoid my stalkers turning violent. Right now the law is not protecting me or my family and is funnelling these perpetrators towards worse behaviour. That leaves us worried.

Tim and Richard, I have thought long and hard about this. And I would absolutely love to see you both happier and healthier. This agreement will help you. There must be some good in both of you and some usefulness you can offer society, so clear away the hate, pride and narcissism for once and please let goodness find a way to heal you. Personally it would be great to get some peace and tranquility for my loved ones without the black cloud you created for us following us around wherever we go. We are all tired with your splatter-gun bullshit and emotionally bulimic rants.

There is rehabilitation help out there for people like you by the way. And you can find it here. Just click on the link. In any case the mediator shall be in touch with you both soon.

In the meantime, be well, both of you.

I hope to publish nothing more about you ever again, so don’t take this rare and final missive as an excuse to start a post/letter-writing tennis match – I’m not engaging, sorry. Instead be wise for once, act your actual age rather than your emotional age please gentlemen, and let’s seize this opportunity to reach out via a professional mediator and end this worthless and unnecessary conflict. Nunc Minerva, postea Palas Atenea.

Best regards for the future and I am genuinely sorry if I ever reacted at all badly in the past to rile you. Back then with your technical prowess and followings, you were quite intimidating, and I was always brought up to stand up to bullies. These days, while you are better known to the police than the crowd, I simply feel pity towards you. We victims merely ridicule your lies now the coward in both of you has been so exposed.

Let’s end this.

Over and out.


Dom W

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