A Prayer for Mariners


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You and Your families are healthy and happy. As We approach Advent which starts next Sunday, We should pray for the peaceful and free Christmas which eluded us last year.

The weather is supposed to turn next week and so I thought it a good idea to focus on those at sea, who experience the worst of the changeability of weather first hand. An estimated 22,440 British seafarers were active at sea in 2019. According to the Maritime Industry Foundation’s Maritime Knowledge Center, there are approximately 1.2 million people worldwide who are currently employed at sea in the maritime industry.

If You live beside the sea You know full well how scary conditions can be over these months. Those on the perilous ocean need God’s mighty protection and success in all their rightful undertakings. God who can rebuke the storm and bring it to silence, and lay the roaring waves to rest, God who can be called out to from the deep who will hear their prayer and will save them. God to bring them to the only safe port.

Psalm 107:23-30
Those who go down to the sea in ships,
Who do business on great waters;
They have seen the works of the Lord,
And His wonders in the deep.
For He spoke and raised up a stormy wind,
Which lifted up the waves of the sea.

Please this week spare a thought for these men and women on the sea. God Bless You all and have a beautiful Sunday, a wonderful week ahead and an inspiring Advent.

O GOD, the great Creator of Heaven and Earth, thou dost whatsoever thou pleasest in the Sea, and in all deep Places; I, the most unworthiest of all thy Servants, am at this time called upon to behold thy Wonders in the Deep, and to perform my Duty in great Waters. Guide me, I beseech thee, in all times and in all Places: Be thou our skillful Pilot to Steer us, and protect us from all Dangers, and rebuke the Winds and the Seas when they Molest us; preserve our Vessel from being rent by the loud cracks of Thunder, or from being burnt by Lightning or any other Accident; keep us and save us from Tempestuous Weather, from bitter Frosts, Hail, Ice, Snow, or Whirlwinds, and from Captivity and Slavery. Teach me, O God, to remember thee my Creator in the days of my Youth, to continually think upon thee, and to Praise thy Name for all thy Mercies: Bless all our Friends, I beseech thee, that are on Land, and let their Prayers for us be acceptable in thy Sight, and grant that our next Meeting together may be for the better, and not for the worse, even to the Praising and Magnifying of thy Holy Name, and Salvation of our own Souls in the great Day of the Lord Jesus, to whom, with thee, and thy Blessed Spirit, be ascribed all Honour, Power, and Glory, Adoration, and subjection, now and for evermore. Amen.