The Rittenhouse Act


In light of the recent Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, one thing is clear, both the UK and US need a Rittenhouse law.

Since the verdict the Left-wing media have continued to push outright lies about the trial. Politicians, journalists and activists have been quick to peddle more lies and deliberately ignore the facts presented in court.

Make no mistake, this has angered the establishment in America, a white boy defended himself and dared to fight back against rioting hordes who were using the BLM organisation as a cover for their savagery. They were trying to burn a city down to the ground, cause billions of dollars worth of damage and potentially kill people. Kyle Rittenhouse had the sheer audacity to object and rush to help the rioters’ victims – and his own family – who were stuck in the middle of that nightmare.

Standing up to the mob is not allowed, the Left have spent years trying to disarm the Right. Once that happens no one is safe from the mob. Kyle Rittenhouse’s actions are exactly what they fear… Someone being able to fight back against them and their evil actions.

The Rittenhouse Act should make post-court analysis legally accountable. Anybody who takes to media (including Social Media) after a trial and presents “facts” that contradict what appeared in court should face a contempt of court charge. This constant Left-wing disinformation campaign about everyone and everything must be stopped in its tracks. They will attack, bully, smear and torment those who do not toe the line and submit to their dictatorial ways.

A Rittenhouse law should include a hefty fine for the programmes/platforms broadcasting these sentiments unchallenged, fines for those individuals who allow it to go unchallenged and compensation to those individuals and their families defamed. If the channel/news outlet repeatedly violates, they should be forced to issue full page apologies detailing the exact “facts” they misled the public about and on TV shows they should be forced to devote segments to the same. They should be removed off air if the court reckons they are not complying.

We must tackle Left-wing tyranny head on. Appeasing them hasn’t worked, reasoning with them hasn’t worked, it’s about time they faced the consequences of their actions before more people suffer at their hands.

Rittenhouse will no doubt sue, much like Nicholas Sandmann did nearly three years prior when the American media tried to brand him a racist in a sad effort to attack President Trump, and good luck to him. May he earn millions and be a constant source of agony for those on the Left desperate to control the thoughts of the public.

Jon Alexander is one of the three founders of this magazine.