A Prayer for Justice

VICAR Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that my weekly article finds You well and healthy. I hope that Your families are fine and that You are not too badly hit by recent events. I know of families who have lost everything over the Covid lock-down and others who have thrived. Life is not fair but God is good. This week I would … Continue reading A Prayer for Justice


BY JAMES MARTIN So it finally came to pass that the thoroughly disgraced formerly Labour, now independent, MP Fiona Onasanya was sentenced to three months in prison for perverting the course of justice. The sixth Labour MP to be imprisoned in under a decade, Onasanya holds the dubious distinction of being the first sitting female MP ever to be sent to the slammer. Glossing over … Continue reading Monasanya

The Torquay Pavilion Storm

CSM EDITORIAL Torquay has been a turbulent place of late, politically at least. Whether it’s alleged conflicts of interest or repeating votes of no confidence in elected officials based in the area, or planning bodies who run roughshod over wishes of local residents and ward councillors, one would wonder what advantages there are to a person, or their loved ones, in stepping up to get … Continue reading The Torquay Pavilion Storm