Poor Emily


The heinous murder of Emily Jones, on Mother’s Day earlier this year might have passed you by. Through the haze of Covid regulations, the scam of divisive Marxists BLM, and the ‘fear’ of a no-deal Brexit (actual Brexit), it’s easy to miss these things. It was also hushed up by the authorities (as these things tend to be it seems, whenever they can’t find a white man guilty). 

You could argue it’s the biggest story of 2020, confirming two worrying trends more than Covid or Brexit ever could:

  1.  The authorities are now seemingly able to bypass democracy, and the rule of law whenever it suits them.
  2. We are doing precisely nothing about it.

The facts (now that we no longer have to guess them) are as follows:

  • Albanian illegal immigrant, Eltiona Skala, smuggled herself into the UK in 2014, claiming she had been trafficked
  • Despite her asylum application being refused, she was given leave to remain until 2020
  • She refused treatment for schizophrenia, and was repeatedly sectioned (for minor infractions like hitting people with irons, wielding a knife at neighbours, and stabbing her mother) 
  • Dr Syed Afghan, her consultant at Rampton, agreed Skana became psychotically violent when not taking her medication
  • Miraculously, she was repeatedly released back into the community by doctors

On 22 March 2020, she attacked 7-year-old Emily Jones in Queen’s Park, Bolton as the child rode past on her scooter. In a premeditated attack, Skala lunged at the girl, put her in a headlock and slit her throat with a craft knife. On Friday last week, the prosecution dropped the case for murder, on the grounds that there was ‘no realistic prospect of a conviction’. Just to be on the safe side, the judge ordered the jury to find her not guilty of murder.

It’s hard to get a conviction for murder these days when all you’ve got to go on are eyewitness accounts, irrefutable evidence, and multiple confessions. After her arrest, Skana had told doctors: ‘It was premeditated, I waited in a park and picked my victims, I did what I did then tried to run away.’ You might think Skala was onto something here, until you listen to Rampton psychiatrist Dr John Crosby:

It was such a terrible, rare, random attack, to my mind, I can’t think of another reason why it occurred.

Case closed then.

It’s the same story everywhere: 2-tier policing, 2-tier rights, 2-tier justice. Old Bill kneel for BLM, but arrest, fine, or otherwise beat the shit out of peaceful protesters. Torch the Union Jack on the Cenotaph, you’ll be let off; fancy a piss after 16 pints without the requisite melanin, and you’ll be jailed

Whatever happened to truth or justice?

George Floyd was a violent, drug-fuelled career criminal, posthumously canonised for being a scumbag with the right skin pigmentation. Emily Jones is the other side of that coin. There will be no beatification, no looting nor rioting in her name. Guardian columnists will not be calling for an end to violence against innocent white girls. Multimillionaire footballers will not be taking a knee for her.

You have to ask yourself with UK borders as watertight as foam, with an estimated 1.2M illegals already here, and with the next batch currently being whisked off to 4-star hotels on the public purse, what is the point of voting again, expecting justice, or even obeying the law?

There are people responsible for Emily’s death, beyond the monster Skala herself: those who smuggled her in, those who failed to deport her, and the doctors who released her. The Labour administrations who for decades have bled working class communities for votes, and the Tory administrations who have done nothing to counter it. The Home Office under Priti Patel, and ultimately Boris Johnson.

Further, I charge every champagne socialist, diversity-preaching, Britain-hating, ‘liberal’ malcontent; every scumbag celebrity who thinks black murderers have the right to avoid deportation; and above all, every detestable ‘white privilege’ pusher. Those who insist on blaming their own and others’ shortcomings on the colour of someone else’s skin: your poisonous narrative is witnessed here in its ultimate, wicked, and inevitable conclusion.

Emily Jones’ death encapsulates the real value of ‘white privilege’: the right to be innocently slain in broad daylight, and for your death to mean nothing.