Poor Emily

BY FRANK HAVILAND The heinous murder of Emily Jones, on Mother’s Day earlier this year might have passed you by. Through the haze of Covid regulations, the scam of divisive Marxists BLM, and the ‘fear’ of a no-deal Brexit (actual Brexit), it’s easy to miss these things. It was also hushed up by the authorities (as these things tend to be it seems, whenever they … Continue reading Poor Emily

Dubs is Out of Touch

CSM EDITORIAL It would appear that Lord Dubs – at one time universally respected – has lost his sense of circumspection of late. Once a child refugee himself, the peer – an 87 year-old beneficiary of the Kindertransport  – seems intent on forcing an endless succession of child refugees on Britain against the will of the public. This comes after Dubs’ outspoken support – an … Continue reading Dubs is Out of Touch

The Immigration Conflation

BY SAM HOOPER One of the traits of some accomplished liars is the fact that they are able to make themselves believe their own deceptions. This ability to convince oneself of one’s own lies is what makes many pathological liars so effective, but even many people who are not pathological liars can come to “misremember” certain events after decades of repeating a particular narrative – … Continue reading The Immigration Conflation

The Cosmopolitan Choke Part I

BY LEE BEING I recently moved back home to England. Why is this a talking point? Well… I haven’t come from abroad. You may still consider me a refugee; a migrant; even an evacuee. I am a former Londoner who’s found himself in the midst of the glorious rolling black hills of Somerset. It’s only after living here for a couple of months that I … Continue reading The Cosmopolitan Choke Part I