Dubs is Out of Touch


It would appear that Lord Dubs – at one time universally respected – has lost his sense of circumspection of late. Once a child refugee himself, the peer – an 87 year-old beneficiary of the Kindertransport  – seems intent on forcing an endless succession of child refugees on Britain against the will of the public. This comes after Dubs’ outspoken support – an absolute disgrace – for an obvious antisemite in November:

Now comes Dubs’ insistence that families of refugee children should be allowed to join them once the refugee children have been accepted into the UK. Dubs’ commitment was dropped in the revised version of the Brexit bill tabled by the Government after Boris Johnson’s Conservatives won a majority in December.

Let’s get a few things straight: 

  • The British Public have already been hoodwinked by bleeding heart politicians before. Who can forget the images of grown men coming into the UK masquerading as child refugees? The system is not to be trusted. Dubs may not get out to places like Middlesbrough or Rochdale where townsfolk have had it with asylum seekers. What has Middlesbrough or Rochdale got to do with Somalia or Iran?
  • Many of the children Dubs is talking about are cynically sent ahead by economic migrants, spurred on by left wing politicians imagining some globalist, Utopian Benetton ad. These are not children escaping a holocaust, they are children who, often because of the cynical actions of their amoral family members, are languishing in some camp in Calais. The British public are fed up to the back teeth of seeing economic migrants from countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as many African countries, arriving on our shores then getting housed and paid benefits, while social housing waiting lists grow for Brits who have lived their whole lives in this country.
  • Brexit has been a game-changer. Dubs has obviously not noticed. Enough is enough. While the public have a lot of sympathy for genuine child refugees from war-torn lands being given refuge in Britain, they certainly have no interest in their parents coming. Labour has still not noticed but most Brits do not give a damn about the Middle East or Afghanistan or care one jot for the Palestinian crisis – their opinion of those lands is that they will always find an excuse to make a mess of themselves and always have. Now is the time to stop housing the economic migrants, take away their rights to benefits and make Britain a harder place to get to for migrants.
  • Now is the time for the British Government to focus its resources not on migrants but on its own. Focusing on struggling white boys in schools would be a fantastic start – if we have to play the Left’s game of intersectionality at all, that is. What about the thousands of people in Britain who are homeless? What about fixing the care system for British children – a system which has provided a conveyor belt of child victims to grooming gangs, featuring some of Dubs’ beloved asylum seekers, over the last decades?

Lord Dubs is as out of touch as the House of Lords in which he sits – which needs a sweep out from top to bottom as soon as possible.  Boris Johnson’s Conservative Government, by dropping the various clauses that make Britain a soft touch and by standing up to the endless immigration of migrants from economic basket-cases and war-torn hellholes, is taking a popular stand. A correct stand which should be applauded across the country.

Dubs may not care for popularity and may see himself riding a white horse like the fools who fund ships to collect drowning migrants – a boon to the people smuggling trade – but the reality is he has no right subjecting the public teat to his bleeding heart immigration strategies which have strayed so far from the righteousness of Kindertransport – he has become obtuse and morally questionable now by thieving from taxpayers for his fancies. Choose love? He has chosen theft – the people do not want their taxes wasted in this way. Lord Dubs has become Hindley-supporting Lord Longford – an idealist hoodwinked into seeing the best in people who are mostly lying through their teeth and manipulate do-gooders for sport.

The British public has no issue with immigration when it is points-based and fair. No doubt the British public are generous, charitable and support child refugees coming to Britain under the right conditions. Now is the time to switch heart for head – sideline the likes of Dubs and put in place a viable system, which costs the taxpayer less and meets popular demand, with a top-to-bottom investigation of past practices and DFID excess to boot.