Discharge Dick


Who would be a police officer in today’s London? When it’s not high heels, rainbow cars, and the latest colours from Maybelline, it’s being instructed to kneel, so those oppressed Black Lives Matter activists don’t bruise their knuckles as they sucker-punch you.

And with whites now advised to attend ‘unconscious bias training’, ‘undo their whiteness’, or suffer calls for the ‘abolition of whiteness’ itself, perhaps it’s just as well that police forces are doing their best not to hire white constables at all.

Met Commissioner, Cressida Dick, and London Mayor, Sadiq Khan have a lot to answer for – not just to the public, but also to the front-line officers they are supposed to support. Indeed Dick and ‘Khan’t’, while great in other avenues of life, seem to tick every box on the clipboard apart from ‘competence’.

Police apologies are usually thin on the ground, which is just as well, considering their recent litany of failure. No apologies have been issued for the growing terrorism on our streets, the rampant FGM, knife crime, grooming gangs, the endless selfies, or the fact that the Old Bill now police everything except crime

So Dick issuing a public apology to Olympic sprinter Bianca Williams is certainly newsworthy. Unfortunately, it is also an egregious mistake. With a video now widely-circulated via social media, the facts of the case remain about as unambiguous as you could get.

Williams and her husband, Portuguese sprinter Ricardo dos Santos, were driving a ₤60,000 Mercedes with tinted windows – precisely the kind of vehicle which would attract attention. Having sped off when initially requested to stop, suspicion was further aroused by the car driving on the wrong side of the road. The couple also made no effort whatsoever to cooperate with the officers when the police finally caught up with them.

Not only is Williams’ complaint of ‘racial profiling’ disingenuous (how exactly do you profile the occupants of a car with tinted windows?), but is exposed by her simultaneous claim that this ‘happens all the time’, and her admission ‘I’ve never had to experience anything like this’.

As a taxpayer-funded, successful athlete, Williams is about as far from a victim as it is possible to be, but why should that stop her? The world’s most fashionable club is now frequented by non-white multimillionaires, embittered at their host nations’ oppressive support to achieve their dreams: Stormzy, Lewis Hamilton, Colin Kaepernick, Ilhan Omar to name but a few.

Your heart can’t help but go out to the officers involved in this case. Despite twice being cleared of misconduct, they were willingly thrown under the bus by Dick for what precisely? The crime of correctly detaining a suspect who happened to be black?

Aside from the obvious collateral damage from the case: the careers of the officers in question, and the general blow to police morale, there are far greater stakes involved here. What message is Dick aiming for: scream loud enough and the police will shirk their duty? Or, the police are only allowed to arrest those with white skin? Furthermore, why exactly should future black suspects comply with police after this irresponsible episode? And how damaging is this for genuine victims of police misconduct, who are now less likely to receive public sympathy?

Issuing non-apologies to the non-victims of non-misconduct, in order to bolster a false narrative of police brutality is unbelievably stupid and dangerous. As Trevor Phillips (I suspect the soon to be silenced Trevor Phillips) has rightly pointed out – the real threat to black lives is not the police, but young black men. Creating an impossible climate for officers to interact with black suspects is therefore not doing the black community the slightest good.

At such an angry time it is imperative we have leaders of the utmost principle and integrity. When you apologise for non-crimes, and kneel for a lie, you are not fit to lead. Dick has got to go.