The Benefits of Being Boring

BY FRANK HAVILAND One of the joys of editing a small magazine is the unexpected perks it brings. It’s far easier, for instance, to make contacts and secure requests for interviews as Editor of The New Conservative, than it is as a mere mortal. However, undoubtedly my favourite benefit is the endless line of scams one is subjected to via email.  I imagine anyone sane would … Continue reading The Benefits of Being Boring

Lucy Letby: The Moral Case for Capital Punishment 

BY FRANK HAVILAND The monstrous case of Lucy Letby reminds us that the devil wears many faces. The particular evil in this instance is that she chose to hijack the compassion afforded by a nurse’s uniform to facilitate her crimes. While abhorrent, this should not surprise us; where else should evil gravitate, if not to those professions which grant immediate access to the vulnerable, the … Continue reading Lucy Letby: The Moral Case for Capital Punishment 

The New Conservative

Dear Readers, We thought you should be the first to hear about the launch of a new online magazine: The New Conservative, which breathes its first virtual oxygen today. In the spirit of conservatism, whereby conservatives put self-interest second and encourage their kin first, this magazine is well worth a ganders. The new magazine promises to be ‘a forum for conservatives in heart, not name … Continue reading The New Conservative

On The Blair Knighthood

BY FRANK HAVILAND On the subject of Tony Blair’s knighthood, I feel it is important to disclose an interest: I loathe Tony Blair. Incidentally, I dislike Lewis Hamilton and everything he kneels for, but opposing his knighthood would never cross my mind; even if it is for playing Scalextric. No, there is something particularly sinister about our Anthony – which is why there is currently … Continue reading On The Blair Knighthood

Homo Supermens

BY FRANK HAVILAND It’s in the blood of any decent charlatan to solve problems that don’t exist, rather than face the full horror of their in-tray. Sadiq Khan (no stranger to blood) wants to outlaw misogyny – wolf-whistling you understand, not FGM, Sharia courts or segregation. Health Secretary Sajid Javid wants blood donations to be more inclusive (because worrying about HIV is just silly). Keir … Continue reading Homo Supermens


BY FRANK HAVILAND Allow me to declare an interest, or rather a lack of one: I couldn’t give a full toss about cricket. Therefore the cricketer Ollie Robinson represents something of a perfect storm; a storm of which I was blissfully ignorant, until the woke insisted I be offended by him. For those still shamelessly untriggered, the promising England all-rounder made his debut against New … Continue reading Robinson

Last Man Standing

BY FRANK HAVILAND No one knows what a man is anymore; at least no one permitted a voice. Labour Party  Women’s Officers are now invariably male. England Rugby has a sudden influx of 20-stone ‘ladies’ keen to scrum down. Even female prisons cannot raise an objection to inmates with willies, if only they’d keep them zipped up. Through their insistence that identity is a social … Continue reading Last Man Standing

The White Privilege Scam

BY FRANK HAVILAND The Left doesn’t do irony. In its never-ending quest to protect victims, it campaigns for more transwomen (men) in female contact sport; aligns gays with political Islam (take pride as you’re chucked off the roof), and encourages children to swap genders like Panini cards – no matter how many of them come to regret the decision.    White privilege is the latest assault on reality, which attempts … Continue reading The White Privilege Scam

10 Point Plan for Britain

BY FRANK HAVILAND The calibre of political discourse ain’t what it used to be. In the days of Churchill, I suspect you could have followed him round with a Dictaphone and not managed to find a dull quote. Personally I rather like ‘The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter’. Maggie had her moments too. When asked by Terry Wogan … Continue reading 10 Point Plan for Britain

Don’t Mention the J Word

BY FRANK HAVILAND The world is not fair – we all know it. And yet, curiously, it is those who benefit most from such a state of affairs who insist on lecturing the rest of us about them. It can get rather galling listening to the petulant foot stamps of multimillionaire luvvies, sweatshop-based multinationals, and every tax-dodging athlete who can haul themselves onto one knee … Continue reading Don’t Mention the J Word

Gay Giraffes & VE Day

BY FRANK HAVILAND Like A-level results, the calibre of ‘racist’ has depreciated of late. You used to be guaranteed a minimum of a swastika tattoo and a National Front membership card accompanying the word racist, but now anything goes. Mispronouncing Kamala Harris’s name is racist, as is a day out in the countryside, and / or camping. So if you fancy pitching a tent with … Continue reading Gay Giraffes & VE Day

Keeping Tories Conservative

BY FRANK HAVILAND Not since Margaret Thatcher has Britain had a Conservative Government in anything other than name. John Major was too busy ‘putting Britain at the heart of Europe’, David Cameron obsessed with gay marriage; and while Theresa May parroted ‘Brexit means Brexit’, she did a spirited impression of not knowing what it meant. For Boris Johnson, God only knows what conservatism means. Still, … Continue reading Keeping Tories Conservative

Should I Go To University, Dad?

BY FRANK HAVILAND Once the envy of the world, British Education has lost its way of late. While we still have world-class institutions, almost three quarters of Britain’s universities have slipped down the world rankings. This is not a coincidence. Education has been on the slide for decades now, something successive administrations have desperately tried to quell with soundbites. For John Major it was ‘back … Continue reading Should I Go To University, Dad?

Discharge Dick

BY FRANK HAVILAND Who would be a police officer in today’s London? When it’s not high heels, rainbow cars, and the latest colours from Maybelline, it’s being instructed to kneel, so those oppressed Black Lives Matter activists don’t bruise their knuckles as they sucker-punch you. And with whites now advised to attend ‘unconscious bias training’, ‘undo their whiteness’, or suffer calls for the ‘abolition of … Continue reading Discharge Dick

Anti Racists being Racist?

BY FRANK HAVILAND Say what you want about the Black Lives Matter movement, but it has undeniably been effective. With everyone from world leaders to Joe Public terrified of getting off their knees, the unoppressed are now demanding reparations from the unoppressing. In the space of a month, far from being one of the most tolerant nations on earth, Britain has become so ‘racist’ that … Continue reading Anti Racists being Racist?

Vacuum of Leadership

BY FRANK HAVILAND Four years ago to this day, Britain once again showed why she has always been a world leader, never a follower. Against the expressed will of her politicians, the relentless pooh-poohing of the media, and the eternal shrieks of ‘racist!’, the British people stood firm and made the right call, to divorce from the European Union. Four years on from that referendum … Continue reading Vacuum of Leadership

Cover-Up Britain

BY FRANK HAVILAND We’re currently living through history; a time our children will hopefully look back upon, and wonder what the hell was going on. As UK police are instructed to kneel rather than aggravate the ‘largely peaceful’ thuggery, it’s easy to get distracted by the carnage on the streets of London. The most poignant aspect of the Black Lives Matter riots however, may not … Continue reading Cover-Up Britain