Hooligans Embarrass Us All

BY JIM BROWNE On the eleventh of April, yet again some of Britain’s football fans went abroad and disgraced the nation. This time they staged a mass brawl, attacked beggars in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor and were filmed chanting “You Spanish b******s, Gibraltar is ours.” In mitigation, Spanish riot police are notorious hotheads and know full well that they can claim personal compensation from fans who … Continue reading Hooligans Embarrass Us All

Klopp: Meister

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN When in October 2015 Jürgen Klopp became manager of my beloved Liverpool Football Club I was unsure. The man he had just replaced – Brendan Rodgers – seemed like a good bloke and a young, talented manager even though his optimistic responses in press conferences had become somewhat jarring. So, I called a colleague who supports Klopp’s former team, Borussia Dortmund, and … Continue reading Klopp: Meister

How to Get into Hunting

BY ANNA BOWEN I first went hunting ten years ago, on a grey day in late October, riding a four year old piebald mare bought from gypsies. I fell in love with the sport several weeks later, crossing the ethereal uplands of North Carmarthenshire, following the shaggy hounds of the Towy and Cothi. The obsession was inevitable, as Dire Straits sing the dice was loaded … Continue reading How to Get into Hunting

Test Cricket World Number 1

BY JAMES CAMPBELL With England struggling in India and Australia getting beaten by seemingly anyone they face right now, who is likely to usurp India from the Number 1 Test Rankings spot over the next year or so? The current test rankings are: Realistically, only the top 5 teams are in with a shout. New Zealand are not the greatest travellers and Sri Lanka are, … Continue reading Test Cricket World Number 1

Custodians of the Countryside

BY PETER GLENSER, Chairman of the UK’s largest shooting organisation, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) on how shooting benefits rural areas. In a country with such a small land area, it’s incredible that the United Kingdom has such a varied selection of shooting sports. From game and rough shooting, through wildfowling, stalking and pigeon control, these wide-ranging activities make a massive contribution … Continue reading Custodians of the Countryside

May Plays Boycott Bingo

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN When this week Prime Minister Theresa May’s childhood sporting hero – the cricketer-turned-commentator Geoffrey Boycott – affectionately described her as “like Margaret Thatcher”, many of Her Majesty’s Opposition supporters found themselves in a tricky position. While such opponents of the Government love to denigrate May and the Tories at every opportunity, they know that Geoffrey Boycott has become a much-loved British national treasure over recent … Continue reading May Plays Boycott Bingo

2016 Autumn Rugby Internationals

BY NICK PEARCE The Autumn Rugby Internationals this year look tasty. For those of you who don’t know who’s playing who, here’s the schedule for you (I’ve marked England in blue – if you’re a heathen from another country then sorry, you’ll have to search through the list along with the Saffers and Aussies): Saturday 5th November 2016 Wales v Australia at Principality Stadium, Cardiff … Continue reading 2016 Autumn Rugby Internationals